The Green Channel

A close look at our world, the environment and sustainability.
  • Animals

    Friend or food?
    If being a meat eater means raising and slaughtering your own meat, how many of us could do it? This young couple decided to give it a shot. Follow their year-long journey though the animal-human relationship.
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  • Mother Earth

    An eclectic tour through the sphere we call home
    Oscar®-winning filmmaker Terre Nash (If You Love This Planet) compiles selections from 50 years of NFB productions in order to create a celebratory and haunting portrait of planet earth and its inhabitants.
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  • Sable Island

    An untouched organic laboratory
    In the mid-20th century, Sable Island was a uniquely cloistered wildlife laboratory. Take a tour of this natural wonder and meet its inhabitants, both human and animal, in this picturesque short documentary.
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