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NFB Films NFB Films

Watch over 4,000 documentaries, animations and feature films on your smartphone or tablet for free.

Also available on: Windows 8 (on tablets)
NFB Films

NFB Films for smart TV NFB Films for smart TV

Get free access to over 4,000 NFB films with this app specifically designed to optimize the big screen experience in your own living room.

Available on: Apple TVRoku, LG Smart TV, Samsung Smart TV, Panasonic, Opera TV, Philips.

The Enemy The Enemy

For the first time, in augmented-reality, a new documentary gives users the opportunity to meet soldiers from opposite sides of the same conflict. Each fighter offers personal perspectives on war, in their own words, discussing their motivations for fighting and what their future might look like.

Featuring Apple’s new iOS 11 ARKit.
*All users can access the app without the ARKit.
The Enemy

Cardboard Crash Cardboard Crash

Take a literal crash course in the ethics of artificial intelligence with this virtual reality experimental that uses a Google Cardboard viewer to bring you inside a self-driving car headed for an unavoidable crash.

I love potatoes I love potatoes

This fun FREE all-ages adventure game encourages collaborative play and creative problem-solving while teaching sustainability and social change.

The Cancer of Time The Cancer of Time

When did we become incapable of doing nothing? Few claim to be at peace with it. This interactive and mobile application makes us ponder over our chronic inability to do nothing.

App Store - Best app 2014

NFB StopMo Studio NFB StopMo Studio

Winner of Best App 2014! Get the improved version of StopMo Studio optimised for ios8. This app makes it easy to produce frame-by-frame animated films.

Fort McMoney Fort McMoney

Take virtual control of the city Fort McMurray, Canada, home of the biggest industrial project on earth and the third-largest oil reserve in the world!

For Ipads only

Circa 1948 Circa 1948

Enter the shadows of Vancouver, BC, circa 1948, through this immersive interactive art app for iPad and iPhone. Created by acclaimed artist Stan Douglas and the NFB Digital Studio Vancouver.

Welcome to Pine Point Welcome to Pine Point

*Now available as an iPad app!* Part book, part film, part family photo album, Welcome to Pine Point unearths a place frozen in time and discovers what happens when an entire community is erased from the map.

Welcome to Pine Point
App Store - Best app 2013

McLaren's Workshop McLaren's Workshop

Get access to 51 works by animation pioneer Norman McLaren and create your own films, using three groundbreaking animation techniques made famous by McLaren, with this free iPad app.

The Last Hunt The Last Hunt

Discover this narrative designed specifically for a tablet, in which photographer Alexi Hobbs documents his grandfather's last hunting trip.

Available on: iPhone.

The Loxleys and the War of 1812 The Loxleys and the War of 1812

Discover the story of a fictional family from Upper Canada that is torn apart by the conflict with the United States in this interactive graphic novel.

Also available : iPad - International Version.

The Test Tube with David Suzuki The Test Tube with David Suzuki

Download this fun and educational app which allows you to spend one minute inside a test tube with iconic environmentalist David Suzuki.

WordPress WordPress NFB Video Plug-In

Want to embed NFB videos into your blog? This plug-in for WordPress users makes the embedding quick and easy.

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