• Threads

    The red string of familial fate

    In her latest animated short, Academy Award®-winning director Torill Kove explores the beauty and complexity of parental love, the bonds that we form over time, and the ways in which they stretch and shape us.

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  • Our People Will Be Healed

    Our People Will Be Healed

    A brighter future through education, culture and tradition

  • Wall


    Explores the impact of the wall that separates Israel and Palestine

  • Beauty


    Beyond Binary

  • Charles


    Charles knows he’s not like other kids

  • The Girls of Meru

    The Girls of Meru

    Leading a fight for justice

  • The Devil’s Share

    The Devil’s Share

    An impressionistic portrait of the 1970s in sights, songs and music

  • The Tesla World Light

    The Tesla World Light

    A tragic fantasy about the father of alternating current

  • First Stripes

    First Stripes

    A compelling portrait of the military experience

  • A Better Man

    A Better Man

    Illuminating a new paradigm for domestic-violence prevention

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