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Return of the Swift Fox

Return of the Swift Fox

| 26 min

The swift fox is one of the many lost species that has suffered from the cultivation of the prairie grasslands. An innovative program has been implemented to reintroduce the swift fox into its original habitat in Alberta and Saskatchewan. Documenting the history and human misuse of this fragile ecosystem, this short film illustrates the precious balance between human and wildlife use of the environment.

  • director
    Jy Chiperzak
  • producer
    Joe MacDonald
  • executive producer
    Ches Yetman
    James Murray
  • script
    Amanda McConnell
  • camera
    Charles Konowal
    Robert J. Long
    George S. Cotter
  • editing
    Elise Swerhone
  • sound
    Leon Johnson
    Michael McGee
    Robert J. Long
  • sound editing
    Carol Wenaus
  • re-recording
    Clive Perry
  • narrator
    Jan Tennant
  • music
    Tom Paterson


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Ages 12 to 18

Study Guide - Guide 1

Geography - Environmental Issues
Science - Life Systems/Ecology
Social Studies - Environmental Challenges
Technology Education - Environment and Technology

Brief “lesson launcher type” activity or a series of inquiry questions with a bit of context:

Documentary exploring the attempts to save the swift fox from extinction and to rehabilitate animals into the wild.

What were the main causes that affected the populations of swift foxes? Do these same types of causes affect animal populations today?

What are the ethical issues to consider when raising animals in captivity such as in zoos versus for rehabilitation? Should these animals be returned to the wild? What issues arise when these animals are reintroduced to their natural habitats?

Were the efforts of the group in this documentary successful? Research the populations of swift foxes today.

Return of the Swift Fox
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