Films celebrating the life and times of notable Canadians, past and present.
  • Five Stories

    “Birds sing, bees dance, and we tell stories.”
    Actor, director and producer R.H. Thomson dissects our love of stories by exploring the five main themes used in storytelling.
  • 让-马克·瓦雷 (Jean-Marc Vallée)

    Less is more
    Step into Mr. Fan’s video store and rent any film you like… as long as it’s from Jean-Marc Vallée. Because according to Fan, Vallée is the only director in the world who matters.
  • Sculpting Memory

    Explore the evocative nature of Atom Egoyan
    Join the director of The Sweet Hereafter as he travels through an audiovisual environment woven from the fabric of his own films as he attempts to get to this root of his fascination with “arranging things.”