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Lord Durham

Lord Durham

| 28 min

This short drama is a portrait of colonial administrator, Governor General and statesman Lord Durham (1792-1840). When Durham recommended self-government in Canada, he closed the door on his own political success. But in the end, the policies he declared for Canada became the pattern for self-rule in the rest of the Commonwealth.

  • director
    John Howe
  • producer
    Julian Biggs
  • executive producer
    Guy Glover
  • script
    Charles E. Israel
  • camera
    Reginald Morris
  • sound recording
    Leo O'Donnell
  • sound editing
    Sidney Pearson
  • re-recording
    George Croll
  • music
    Joan Edward
  • cast
    Émile Genest
    Paul Guèvremont
    Anne Morrish
    Barry Morse
    Joseph Shaw
    Powys Thomas


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Ages 11 to 18

Study Guide - Guide 1

History - Canada under British Rule (1764-1867)
History and Citizenship Education - Official Powers and Countervailing Powers (1608-present)
History and Citizenship Education - Struggles in the British Colony (1791-1850)

Lord Durham is often referred to as “Radical Jack”; how accurate is this nickname, given what is seen in this film? Create a Venn Diagram that outlines the role of the Governor General during Lord Durham’s time and in the present. Review the relationship between Francophone and Anglophone Canadians at this time. Using the Durham Report research how Lord Durham investigated the Rebellions of Upper and Lower Canada. What were the outcomes of his investigation? What were his views on self-rule/responsible government and how did this influence other members of the Commonwealth? Consider viewing the following films at the same:  Lord Durham, Louis-Joseph Papineau: The Demi-God, William Lyon Mackenzie: A Friend to His Country and Robert Baldwin: A Matter of Principle. Organize a class debate with each group representing one of these politicians.

Lord Durham
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