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L' affaire Bronswik

L' affaire Bronswik

| 23 min

Animation mêlant habilement fiction et réalité, le film nous livre un récit fantaisiste, dénonçant le pouvoir de la publicité télévisuelle. Gagnant d’une dizaine de prix internationaux.

  • script
    Robert Awad
    André Leduc
  • direction
    Robert Awad
    André Leduc
  • animation
    André Leduc
    Robert Awad
    Jean-Michel Labrosse
  • narration
    Michel Mongeau
  • text
    Robert Awad
  • editing
    Robert Awad
  • None
    Karl Duplessis
    Donald Douglas
    Alain Clavier
    Rita Roy
    Adrian Croll
    Huguette Baril
    Christiane Bissonnette
    Gail Brenner
    Jean-Marc Brosseau
    Louise Overy
  • voice
    Jacques Beaulieu
    Claire Bourbonnais
  • sound editor
    Gilles Quintal
  • music editing
    Gilles Quintal
  • sound mixer
    Michel Descombes
  • animation camera
    Richard Moras
    Jacques Avoine
    Raymond Dumas
    Simon Leblanc
  • administration
    Jacqueline Marquis
    Jacqueline Lamontagne
  • producer
    René Jodoin
  • extra
    Antoine Aouad
    Jamilie Aouad
    Marcel Bissonnette
    Roger Blais
    Marcelle Bissonnette
    Yves Bonin
    Jean-Paul Bourassa
    Guy L. Coté
    Louise Chase
    Victor Jobin
    Marcel Denicourt
    Jean-Michel Labrosse
    Marcel Lapierre
    Paul Lessard
    Nancy Marsan
    André Poirier
    Irène Paquette
    Marcel Thibault
    Hélène Vernier
    André Arcand
    Vladimir Wilken
    Lucien Bédard
    Doug Cameron
    Maurice de Ernsted
    Sidney Goldsmith
    James Koo
    Gaston Sarault
    Lucille Métayer
    Bert Van Barneveld
    Tony Zsiros


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Ages 11 to 17

Family Studies/Home Economics - Consumer Awareness
Media Education - Advertising
Social Studies - Economics
Technology Education - Science and Technology

Teach the concept of satire. Pre-viewing: Discuss the impact of mass media on our spending habits. Students should understand the manipulation that is involved through advertising. Post-viewing: comment on the film's message; although the film is dated, does its point still apply today? Elicit modern-day examples to support their responses.

L' affaire Bronswik
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