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Live TV

Live TV

| 21 min

This short live-action comedy satirizing TV's violent ways tells the story of 4 children who go searching for their school’s 2 missing turtles. In this task, the children are assisted by a television set that morphs to life as a goofy action superhero. As the search progresses, the children discover that TV solutions and real-life solutions don't always mix. When the kids take charge and use their own wits, the turtle mystery is solved in a jiffy.

  • director
    Annie O'Donoghue
  • producer
    JoAnn Harrison
    George Johnson
  • executive producer
    Svend-Erik Eriksen
  • script
    Jill Golick
  • cinematography
    Danny Nowak
  • sound
    David Husby
  • editing
    Alison Grace
  • sound editing
    Ewan Dean
  • re-recording
    Brian Campbell
    Steve Smith
  • music
    George Bondheim
  • cast
    Myles Ferguson
    Crystal Crete
    Chad Dormer
    Shawn Macdonald
    Jane McGregor
    Christine Lippa
    Ellie Harvie


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Ages 6 to 11

Study Guides - Guide 1 | Guide 2

Media Education - Media Violence
Technology Education - Society and Technology

This film uses a humorous live-action character playing the role of TV to demonstrate that the way problems are solved in the media are not always helpful in real life. In this case, the mystery to solve is the case of missing class pets. The film could be used to promote discussions about the violence in media. How does the media influence our lives? An extension could be to imagine the Internet as a character. Would the Internet be helpful or harmful in this situation?

Live TV
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