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Marianne's Theatre

Marianne's Theatre

| 15 min

In Co Hoedeman's animated short about a troupe of marionette acrobats, everything that can go wrong does. No matter what the ringleader does, each act goes awry until we begin to wonder who's really running the show. Even when Marianne, the master puppeteer, emerges at the end of the show to take her final bow, those little acrobats still seem to have a mind of their own. Brilliantly executed, this film dissolves the boundaries between theatre and animated film to create a magical experience.

  • direction
    Co Hoedeman
  • animation
    Co Hoedeman
  • camera
    Co Hoedeman
  • script
    Co Hoedeman
    Hélène Ducharme
  • animation assistant
    Sylvie Chartrand
  • puppeteer
    Sylvie Chartrand
  • hand puppet
    Marie-Pierre Simard
  • puppet theatre
    Denis Rondeau
  • accessories
    Co Hoedeman
  • characters
    Co Hoedeman
  • director of photography
    Michel La Veaux
  • camera assistant
    Dany Racine
  • lighting
    Bernard Arseneau
  • grip
    Mario Roussy
  • electrician
    Yves Arseneau
  • makeup
    Sophie Lebeau
  • technical director
    Yves Charlebois
  • picture editing
    José Heppell
  • original music
    Robert M. Lepage
  • sound design
    Olivier Calvert
  • foley
    Lise Wedlock
  • music recording
    Robert Langlois
  • sound recording
    Jo Caron
  • re-recording
    Serge Boivin
    Geoffrey Mitchell
  • digital imaging specialist
    Pierre Plouffe
  • titles
    Louise Overy
  • laboratory
    Technicolor, Services créatifs, Montréal
  • administration
    Diane Régimbald
  • administrative team
    Mélanie Boudreau-Blanchard
    Michèle Labelle
    Diane Martindale
  • technical coordination
    Andrée Delagrave
    Julie Laperrière
  • production manager
    Marysol Moran
  • product manager
    Julie Roy
  • line producer
    Francine Langdeau
  • executive producer
    Marcel Jean
  • producer
    Michèle Bélanger


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Ages 6 to 11

Study Guide - Guide 1

Family Studies/Home Economics - Relationships
Health/Personal Development - Healthy Relationships
Health/Personal Development - Problem Solving/Conflict Resolution
Media Education - Film Animation

In a whimsical theatrical universe, a puppeteer attempts to create a show with her three paper cut-out Saltimbanco acrobats. Sometimes, however, it is not clear just who is in charge. How do the little acrobats work together to restore harmony? Have students create paper characters and play out scenarios with each other. Are we always in charge? How important is it to sometimes just go with the flow?

Marianne's Theatre
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