Rock the Box

Rock the Box

                                Rock the Box
| 9 min

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Critic-turned-filmmaker Katherine Monk trains her lens on DJ Rhiannon Rozier in this short film about breaking the glass ceiling in a music industry dominated by men. The Vancouver-raised, university-educated Rozier was so intent on making a career in the Electronic Dance Music (EDM) scene that she did something she never thought she’d do: she posed for Playboy.

This film deals with mature subject matter. Viewer discretion is advised

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Rock the Box, Katherine Monk, provided by the National Film Board of Canada

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  • writer
    Katherine Monk
  • director
    Katherine Monk
  • producer
    Shirley Vercruysse
    Selwyn Jacob
  • editor
    Jenn Strom
    Lisa Binkley
  • director of photography
    Catherine Lutes
  • original music
    Lin Gardiner
  • sound design
    Lin Gardiner
  • original concept
    Jennifer Roworth
  • story editor
    Lynne Stopkewich
  • second camera
    Lindsay George
  • 1st assistant camera
    Victor Prokopowicz
  • sound recordist
    Lisa Kolisnyk
  • data wrangler
    Luke Campbell
  • director of photography - demo shoot
    David Baron
  • animation
    Jenn Strom
  • consultant
    Lynne Stopkewich
    Maren Hancock
  • colourist
    Lorne Wright
  • sound mix technician
    Chris McLaren
  • associate producer
    Teri Snelgrove
  • production coordinator
    Kathleen Jayme
    Karen Downing
  • technical edit coordinator
    Wes Machnikowski
  • production supervisor
    Kathryn Lynch
  • marketing manager
    Leslie Stafford
  • program administrator
    Jennifer Roworth
    Janine Steele
  • executive producer
    Shirley Vercruysse
    Tracey Friesen

  • DawnBreakofDay

    Breaking the glass ceiling by adopting the male stereotype of the naked bimbo....jeebus. You're obviously an intelligent young woman but breaking into the 'scene' and 'making it your own' by taking off your clothes may feel empowering to you, however, it's giving credence to every bimbo stereotype and encasing all the young woman watching with a false sense of self worth. Just because you're aware of the mask you're wearing doesn't mean those watching understand it the same way at all.

    DawnBreakofDay, 2 Sep 2016
  • carmencharlesrudd

    May I offer, as a mature, elder, Canadian Fine Artist and Global Humanitarian Relief Worker, World Travelled; (now that that's out of the way), I wish you every success in your DJ Career. You seem to have talent, though of a kind different to my usual preference. I don't do Disco. Smile. All I want to share is that whatever you do; avoid cheapening yourself, keep Class. Real Class Everyone respects and appreciates. Even the nasty asshole Patriarchs. Yeh! Those Men. Including the Popes. Everyone respects True Class. Life in the West (Contemporary), is far too lost in "Selling Ourselves." Selling Everything! After 50 years of this I'm rather bored with the preoccupation. Mankind has not always been like this, nor are All People preoccupied with "Branding Themselves" It seems like more an Urban Thing. I wish you every success and at the same time may I share: the World has more than enough "Successful People." What the World is hungry, indeed starving for are Teachers, Lovers, (real People who Love, rather than do Sex and call it Love), Healers (True Healers rather than Doctors who just do it for the Fame and $$$$$) and much, much Understanding and Compassion. True Leaders. You might view my Links: Fine Artist Website: Linked In: Carmen Charles Rudd, Global Relief Work. I have no idea why I bumped into you which caused me to respond. I was quietly enjoying an NFB Film called "Universe." A Classic that inspired the makers of 2001 and later Star Wars Movies. When you want some lovely change - up to the pace of Urban Life, you might Google: "The Semai " People of Malaysia. A Peaceful Natural Rural People and Culture. Every Best Wish to You and Your Endeavours, Take Care, Keep Happy, Carmen

    carmencharlesrudd, 6 Jul 2016

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