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Guided expertly by those who live on the land and driven by the pulse of the natural world, Caroline Monnet’s Mobilize takes us on an exhilarating journey from the far north to the urban south. Over every landscape, in all conditions, everyday life flows with strength, skill and extreme competence. Hands swiftly thread sinew through snowshoes. Axes expertly peel birch bark to make a canoe.  A master paddler navigates icy white waters. In the city, Mohawk ironworkers stroll across steel girders, almost touching the sky, and a young woman asserts her place among the towers. The fearless polar punk rhythms of Tanya Tagaq’s “Uja” underscore the perpetual negotiation between the modern and traditional by a people always moving forward. Mobilize is part of Souvenir a four-film series addressing Aboriginal identity and representation by reworking material in the NFB’s archives.

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  • director
    Caroline Monnet
  • producer
    Anita Lee
  • executive producer
    Anita Lee
  • editor
    Jesse Riviere
  • music writer
    Tanya Tagaq
    Jesse Zubot
    Jean Martin
    Michael Edwards

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  • nanceleewil

    Simple! Put your curser on the screen and hit return.

    nanceleewil, 17 Sep 2016
  • gericar

    Ditto !

    gericar, 15 Sep 2016
  • davidmcnorgan

    That was fantastic! Thanks for bringing more of Canada to me. My little corner of Southern Ontario is beautiful, but we are so much more! I appreciate your work.

    davidmcnorgan, 12 Sep 2016
  • pnadon

    What the heck. I've been a member of NFB for a number of years. I really don't know enough. But this is an example of why I don't... you send me to a 3 minute clip... OK. Where do I click to actually buy/rent it? It seems to me that NFB suffers the same decades/centuries old problem that we have with engineers: they think they know what the end users need. But they never asked them! Shad up! Just ask! I have been confused more often than not with NFB. Hence my lack of participation. Maybe it's obvious, but I'm not seeing it.... !

    pnadon, 9 Sep 2016