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Bone Wind Fire

Bone Wind Fire

| 30 min

This Emmy-nominated feature film is an intimate and evocative journey into the hearts, minds and eyes of Georgia O’Keeffe, Emily Carr and Frida Kahlo - 3 of the 20th century’s most remarkable artists. The film uses the women’s own words, taken from their letters and diaries, to reveal 3 individual creative processes in all their subtle and fascinating variety.

This film deals with mature subject matter. Viewer discretion is advised

  • writer
    Jill Sharpe
  • director
    Jill Sharpe
  • producer
    Yves J. Ma
  • consultant
    Sharyn Udall
    Susan Hillman
  • director of photography
    Sylvaine Dufaux
  • editor
    Michael Brockington
  • production designer
    Tony Devenyi
  • costume design
    Enigma Arcana Designs
  • design
    Elisa Chee
  • lead animation
    Elisa Chee
  • sound design
    Velcrow Ripper
  • voice
    Rebecca Jenkins
    Shirley Broderick
    Tabitha St. Germain
  • cast
    Jeanne Hertz
    Barbara MacFarlane
    Deborah Cameron
    Susan Hillman
    Kate Robbins
    Antoniella Ave Reyes
    Ivette Hernandez
    Rosa Martinez
  • production manager
    Suzan Derkson
  • first assistant camera trainee
    Kim MacNaughton
  • animation
    Michael Mann
  • extras casting
    Annette McCaffrey
  • set decorator
    Carla Miranda
    Ester Kim
    Roxana Chapela
  • assistant set decorator
    Roxana Chapela
  • painting mentor
    Sheri Bakes
  • wardrobe assistant
    Jo Shotbolt
  • seamstress
    Kim Kieu
  • hair
    Arrow Tyas
    Sanaa Martinez
    Gracia Flores
    Romana Kovacova
    Karly Savisky
    Svetlana Britt
    Dianna Byrne
  • makeup
    Arrow Tyas
    Sanaa Martinez
    Gracia Flores
    Romana Kovacova
    Karly Savisky
    Svetlana Britt
    Dianna Byrne
  • gaffer
    Nina Jones
    Sean McClellan
    Ernesto "El Nino" Hernandez
  • key grip
    Rick Allen
    Nicholas Ortiz
    Raymundo "Piolin" Curz
  • grip
    Dan Bennett
    Kyle Seifert
    Shawn Sanders
  • camera assistant
    Nathan McTague
  • sound recordist
    Scott Aitken
  • second unit camera operator
    Andrew Coppin
  • steadicam operator
    Brad D. Whitlock
    Gerardo Manjarrez
  • script supervisor
    Claudia Morgado
  • EPK stills
    Cameron Hayduk
    Michael Willey
    Leon Behar
  • location manager
    Terry Mackay
    Clare Hodge
    Colleen McLeod
    Leah Slator
  • location consultant
    Robert Murdoch
    Kirk Johns
    Douglas Franklin
  • production assistant
    Steve Calvert
    Marti Swanson
    Sergio Jalife
    Rafael Reyes
    Carlos Alberto Escamilla Aguilar
  • translator
    Claudia Molina
  • background performer
    Sean Amsing
    Wanda Ayala
    Miranda Berney
    Kaska Calder
    Leslie Coude Mathot
    Dean Doerfler Hinchey
    Paula Elle
    Ole Hoyer
    Isabelle Maheux
    Abraham Martinez Huerta
    Chris McBeath
    Ken McNicol
    Paul Ouellette
    Juarez Pawliez Aztlan
    Derek Peakman
    George Peggi
    Victoria Sanchez Suirez
    Valentina Vepper
  • casting director
    Angelique Midthunder
    Marco Antonio Reyes
  • first assistant director trainee
    Marcia Woske
    Alejandro Lugo Marin
  • on set costumer
    Gordon Tribble
    Fernanda Vélez
  • set dresser
    Richard Anderson
    Josh Bien
    Marcos Demian Vargas Gomez
  • assistant location manager
    Jason Bonnell
  • fixer
    Francisco Torregrosa
  • grip electric swing
    Fernando "Buzz" Ortiz
  • 2nd assistant camera
    Armando hernandez
  • transportation coordinator
    Jose Antonio Ochoa
  • location services
    Emilio Magules
  • grip electric driver
    David Perez
  • driver
    Shamus Hernandez
  • plaster master
    Miguel Angel Ramirez
  • art department intern
    Luis Ricardo Ramirez Pena
    Stephanie Alton Loera Lafont
    Fabian Saldana Guerrero
  • caterer
    Mac Polo Caterers
  • additional music composer
    Doug Blackley
  • supervising re-recording mixer
    Daniel Pellerin
  • foley artist
    Maureen Murphy
  • re-recording mixer
    Angelo Nicoloyannis
  • sound services
    Post Modern Sound
  • digital intermediate
    Digital Film Central
  • digital intermediate colourist
    Andrea Chlebak
  • digital intermediate producer
    Chris Davies
  • digital intermediate coordinator
    Alley Crawford
  • digital intermediate editor
    Alex Taylor
  • end credits
    Eliot Piltz
  • post-production services
    Finale Editworks
  • music clearances
    Found Images Research
  • archival clearances
    Found Images Research
  • archival research
    Elizabeth Klinck
  • production coordinator
    Teri Snelgrove
    Jennifer Roworth
  • technical coordinator
    Wes Machnikowski
  • production supervisor
    Kathryn Lynch
  • marketing manager
    Leslie Stafford
  • program administrator
    Bruce Hagerman
    Janine Steele
  • executive producer
    Tracey Friesen


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Ages 15 to 17

Arts Education - Visual Arts
Health/Personal Development - Identity
Media Education - Popular Culture
Social Studies - Social History

Before screening the film, familiarize students with the essentials of early 20th-century painting styles such as Modernism, Cubism, Surrealism or Expressionism. Prepare slideshows of work by Georgia O’Keeffe, Emily Carr and Frida Khalo for study and comparison. After the film, discuss any common threads running through the three artists’ work, in terms of both style and message. Assign students to research how the artists’ work was received by the public and whether their gender impacted their reception.

Bone Wind Fire
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