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Shot in Paris, Sao Paulo and Toronto, Invention is a first feature length film by Mark Lewis. From famous corners of the Louvre Museum to the modernist buildings of Oscar Niemeyer in Brazil and Mies van der Rohe in Canada, Lewis takes us on a dynamic tour of fluctuating cityscapes, capturing the texture of these places, their landmarks, and the people who inhabit their streets and buildings, with images of glass, light, reflections, concrete, spiral staircases – and paintings. An homage to the City Symphony films of the 1920s, Invention offers a searching love letter to urban spaces, art and cinema.

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  • director
    Mark Lewis
  • producer
    Gerry Flahive
    Eve Gabereau
    Anita Lee
  • executive producer
    Anita Lee
  • co-producer
    Emily Morgan
  • director of photography
    Bobby Shore
    Martin Testar
  • editor
    Andrew Hulme
  • participant
    Diana Schoutsen
    Adam Terejko
    Lord Percy Marshall IV
  • executive producer
    Serge Le Borgne
  • supporting participant
    Lamar Watson
  • executive producer
    Daniel Faria
  • supporting participant
    Brent Racioppo
  • executive producer
    Barbara Fischer
  • supporting participant
    Jessica Lynch
  • executive producer
    Francisco Lima
  • supporting participant
    Lauritta Lue-Shung
  • executive producer
    Lourenço Sant' Anna
  • supporting participant
    Nick Wood
  • creative producer
    Roger Larry
  • supporting participant
    Renfrew Mok
    Selene Brown
    Christy DeSouza
    Mandy McLean
    Shari Waino
    Ken Woo
  • sound supervisor
    Michele Bianchin
  • creative direction
    Ben Raven
  • re-recording mixer
    Michele Bianchin
    Marian Montrup
  • 3D lead artist
    Nuno Pereira
    Mike Bonnington
    Charles Downman
    Chris Gornall
  • editor
    Adam Schoales
  • creative direction
    Elena Hill
  • executive producer
    Rodrigo Teixeira
  • costume designer
    Jade Kouri Marcos
  • make-up designer
    Lua Gimenes
  • cast
    Gustavo Mussi Canovas
    Joyce Almeida dos Santos
  • supporting cast
    Fernando Agulha
    Thiago Almeida
    Rubia Andesso
    Daniella de Andrade Gareia
    Guilherme Araujo da Silva
    James Azuma
    Antonio Batista
    Juan de Carvalho
    Dener Cavalcante dos Reis
    Keila Chaves
    Cristina Costa Leite
    Arthur Dos Dants
    Régis Deis
    Andrea Eduarte
    Dayene Ferreira
    João Filho
    Estefano Gedd
    Eduardo Goto
    Cleyton Leite
    Henrique de Lima
    Renato Marcolino
    Deborah de Margalhais
    Danillo Mombeli
    Gabriel Morgante de Lavris
    Josefina Neuber
    Priscila Notes
    Marcia Okudi
    Alex Oliveira de Moraes
    Bruno Ramires
    Monique Rescon
    Lucas Rios
    Karin Rocco
    Bruno Rodrigues da Silva
    Marisa Romano
    Desirée Romão
    Suelen Rosana da Silva
    Luan Orik Santiago
    Sara Visgueira dos Santos
    Gustavo dos Santos Da Silva
    Eliana Da Silva
    Paula Da Silva
    Tiago Da Silva
    Viviane Da Silva
    Renan Silva
    Murillo Dos Santos
    Andressa Silveiro
    Edson Do Silvo
    Allan Telies
    Oxane Tymchenko
    Gabriel Vasques
  • camera operator
    Brent Robinson
  • costume designer
    Katry Sertic
  • makeup
    Jessica Whyte

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