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| 15 min

ORA is a stunning meeting between the artistic worlds of choreographer José Navas and filmmaker Philippe Baylaucq. It is the first film to use 3D thermal imaging, producing visuals like none that have ever been seen before: the luminous variations of body heat seen on skin, bodies emitting a multitude of colours, a space filled with movement that transforms itself.

Warning: Although this film was shot in 3D, the streaming and downloadable versions are available in 2D only.

This film deals with mature subject matter. Viewer discretion is advised

  • researcher
    Philippe Baylaucq
  • writer
    Philippe Baylaucq
  • director
    Philippe Baylaucq
  • choreography
    José Navas
  • dancer
    Lindsey Renée Derry
    Sarah Fregeau
    Alexandre Jolicoeur
    François Richard
    Lauren Semeschuk
    Émilie Tremblay
  • technical supervisor
    Pierre Plouffe
  • digital imaging specialist
    Pierre Plouffe
    Susan Gourley
  • director of photography
    Sébastien Gros
  • stereographer
    Francis Hanneman
  • camera consultant
    Steve Hallé
  • electro-optical engineer
    Arn Adams
  • production director
    Virginie Léger
  • production assistant
    Jeremy T. Jackson
    Timothy Wierzbicki
    Sophie Léger
  • script
    Marie Beaulieu
  • 2nd camera assistant
    Matthew Garland
  • key grip
    Adam Lukens
  • best boy
    Justin Bennett
  • artistic director
    Gilles Aird
  • set construction
    Entreprises A et R Brochu (construction)
  • set design drawings
    Jean Kazemirchuk
  • computer technician
    Brian Mitchell
  • costumes
    Atelier de couture Sonya B.
  • editing
    Alain Baril
  • computer graphics
    Yannick Grandmont
  • post-production stereographer
    Yannick Grandmont
  • thermography artist
    Emmanuel Suquet
  • SANDDE animation
    Munro Ferguson
  • digital touch-ups
    Stephan Gaudreault
  • sound design
    Benoît Dame
  • sound effects
    Gaudry Normand
    Pauline Normand
    Jonathan Voyer
    Guillaume Garant-Rousseau
  • music
    Robert M. Lepage
  • music editing
    Nicolas Borycki
  • musician
    Annick Beauvais
    Guillaume Bourque
    Alexandre Castonguay
    Jean Derome
    Robert Ellis
    Olivier Maranda
    Ligia Paquin
    Pierre Pépin
    Jacques Séguin
    Olivier Thouin
  • recording
    Geoffrey Mitchell
  • re-recording
    Serge Boivin
    Jean Paul Vialard
  • online editing
    Denis Gathelier
  • typography
    Réjean Myette
  • titles
    Gaspard Gaudreau
  • legal advisor
    Stéphanie L'Écuyer
    John C. Newman
    Susan Pilcher
  • researcher, legal matters
    Caroline Zybala
  • pre-research stage
    Passerelle Production
    Philippe Baylaucq
  • marketing manager
    Christine Noël
  • administrator
    Diane Régimbald
  • administrative team
    Diane Ayotte
    Karine Desmeules
    Michèle Labelle
  • technical coordinator
    Julie Laperrière
  • line producer
    Francine Langdeau
  • executive producer
    René Chénier
  • producer
    René Chénier


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Ages 15 to 17

Arts Education - Dance
Arts Education - Visual Arts
Health/Personal Development - Body Image
Physical Education - Fitness

Spark the class’s curiosity before presenting the film. What would they see if they watched a dance performance with eyes half-shut or through a kaleidoscope? If the dancers left a trace, what would it be? After the viewing, invite students to describe the natural and poetic environments that choreography and thermal imaging inspire. This exercise could be combined with Pas de deux by Norman McLaren.

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