Un homme meilleur

Un homme meilleur


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Un homme meilleur ouvre une perspective novatrice en matière de prévention de la violence familiale. Il nous présente une vision inédite et nuancée non seulement du processus de guérison, mais aussi de la révélation que peut provoquer chez tous les intervenants la responsabilisation des hommes à l’égard de leur comportement violent.

This film deals with mature subject matter. Viewer discretion is advised

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Un homme meilleur, Attiya Khan & Lawrence Jackman, provided by the National Film Board of Canada

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    Attiya Khan
    Lawrence Jackman
    Iris Ng
    Jordan Kawai
    Eva Percewicz
    Stephanie Corfield
    Electric Square
    Janette Luu
    Redlab Digital
    Claire Dobson
    Jesse Fellows
    Marcel Ramagnano
    Iain Gardner
  • direction
    Attiya Khan
    Lawrence Jackman
  • producer
    Christine Kleckner
    Justine Pimlott
  • executive producer
    Sarah Polley
    Anita Lee
    Jane Jankovic
    Janice Dawe
    Kathy Avrich-Johnson
  • editing
    Lawrence Jackman
  • original music
    Lesley Barber
  • featuring
    Attiya Khan
    Tod Augusta-Scott
    Alex Mazer
    Elliot Mazer
    Seth Martiniuk
    Sollange Umwali
  • associate producer
    Lori Chodos
  • supplementary footage
    Jennifer Rowsom
    Stanislaw Barua
    Marcus Matyas
    Curry Leamen
    John Price
    Mark Caswell
  • location sound
    Jason Hopfner
    Mary Wong
    Bruce Cameron
  • stage hand
    Zach Zohr
    Mark Feenstra
    Stefan Kuchar
    David Doldersom
  • DIT
    Set Shuter
  • additional DIT
    Curry Leamen
    Gregory Szymanski
  • production assistant
    Shane MacKinnon
    Rob Chodos
  • photographs
    Marina Dempster
  • titles
    Electric Square
  • impact producer
    Steph Guthrie
  • narration consultant
    Soraya Peerbaye
  • researcher
    Elizabeth Kalbfleisch
  • development production manager
    Nagmeh Phelan
  • music supervision
    Jody Colero
  • transcripts
    Laurel Toews
  • production accountant
    Candis Buder
    Adriana Aviles
  • accountant
    Kay & Warburton
  • insurance
    Arthur J. Gallagher Canada
  • interim financing
    Rogers Communications Inc.
  • manager, business affairs
    Nava Rastegar
  • independent production officer
    Linda Fong
  • production supervisor
    Mark Wilson
  • administration
    Stefanie Brantner
  • technical coordinator
    Marcus Matyas
  • production coordinator
    Natalie van Dine
    Andrew Martin-Smith
  • marketing
    Melissa Wheeler
    Amanda Laukys
  • account director
    Ahmad Ismail
  • DI producer
    Linda Johnston
  • colorist
    Jason Zukowski
  • online editing
    Dave Oliver
  • subtitling
    Zoé Major
  • sound editing supervision
    Jane Tattersall
  • dialog editing
    Krystin Hunter
  • sound editing - assistance
    Chris King
  • sound mixer
    Martin Lee
  • post-production manager
    Alex Aslund
  • musician
    Drew Jurecka
    Lesley Barber
  • music recording
    Sydney Galbraith
  • music mix
    Sydney Galbraith
  • editorial assistant
    Jakob Thiesen

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