Fat Chance

Fat Chance

                                    Fat Chance
| 1 h 12 min
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This documentary follows Rick Zakowich as he faces his lifelong struggles with his weight and body image. Child therapist by day and blues singer by night, Rick's charisma and talent are undeniable, yet he remains fixed within the definition of a narrow label. The film takes on appearance-based oppression and fat-shaming by examining the ways in which society treats people whose bodies don’t necessarily match a narrow, unrealistic ideal of attractiveness. Instead of losing weight, Rick gains valuable insight, transformative new friendships, and a profound sense of self-confidence.

This film contains scenes of nudity and/or sexuality. Viewer discretion is advised.

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  • director
    Jeff McKay
  • editing
    Jeff McKay
  • producer
    Charles Konowal
    Joe MacDonald
  • executive producer
    Ches Yetman
  • script
    Bonnie Dickie
  • cinematography
    Charles Konowal
  • sound
    Norman Dugas
    Leon Johnson
  • sound editing
    Russ Dyck
    Ken Gregory
  • re-recording
    Clive Perry
  • music
    Ian Hodges

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