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This short film follows a group of teenage boys eager to emulate the muscle-filled bodies of their media heroes. Revealing the lengths these boys are willing to go to achieve their goal, this film explores the use of supplements and the temptations of steroids. The boys relate their experiences, desires and motivations to the audience, who are left to draw their own conclusions.

The film is designed to provoke discussion among teenagers about body image and where lines should be drawn between healthy and dangerous behaviour.

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Shredded, Douglas C. Taplin & Richard Gaudio, provided by the National Film Board of Canada

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  • director
    Douglas C. Taplin
  • co-director
    Richard Gaudio
  • producer
    Jennifer Torrance
  • writer
    Richard Gaudio
  • director of photography
    Lisa Fryklund
  • editor
    Bridget Durnford
  • graphic design
    Kim Clegg
  • location sound
    Igal Petel
  • original music
    Matt Daunsey
    Allison Granger
    Bruce Hildesheim
    Nick Wozniewski
  • production assistant
    Jasmine Poon
  • consultant
    Randy Gregg
    Marni Wesner
  • audio post-production
    Patrick Butler
    Cory Gray
    Bennett Suba
  • video post-production
    Jeff August
  • stills photographer
    Dave Brown
  • production coordinator
    Ginette D'Silva
    Faye Yoneda
  • production supervisor
    Kelly Isaac
  • program administrator
    Darin Clausen
  • executive producer
    Graydon McCrea

  • thaya101

    This is a well-said message to all teenage boys that you should not stress yourself out, and spend an extreme amount of time of working out. You should feel good about yourselves, and that no one should always worry about their appearance and body image. You don't need to be "shredded", and at least look muscular the way you want to be. Not like the ones in magazines. You are always perfect the way you are, and you should be happy about that. Always smile, and be perfect!!!!!! :) :P :{)

    thaya101, 1 Apr 2013
  • thaya101

    it's a well-said message to teenage boys out there about appearances and body image. You must not worry about becoming "shredded", but at least the best you can look. Always feel good about yourselves, and don't listen to negative comments from others around you. Always smile and feel good. :)

    thaya101, 1 Apr 2013
  • Stagg

    Looks like a great film for boys and body image.

    Stagg, 24 Oct 2012
  • goldenman

    Reeve. I think that alot of these guys drive to workout is over done and I think its because there past and how people treated them. I personally workout too and I do it for the same reason but Its not over done to the point where when I stop working out for a bit and loose mass I dont feel like someone else or I lost something. I dont let it choose who I am and by that I mean I am myself without being my biggest and going to the gym 4-5 times a week , obviosuly I would feel better and look better if I was at my prime but to me that doesnt matter more then just being myself. These guys just need to find other intrests rather then working out all the time because like they said its an addiction and sometime too much can be bad. I get the ideas that all these guys think about and focus on is working out but really they should other goals and other hobbies instead of putting all their eggs in one basket

    goldenman, 8 Feb 2012
  • Kang

    well informed

    Kang, 8 Feb 2012
  • tsea512

    do nor do steroids bad choice

    tsea512, 16 Jan 2012
  • kimcinvan

    that was very good. i have learned women & men share the same insecurities & if we can try to be the best we can be, that is enough.

    kimcinvan, 7 Dec 2010

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