Carts of Darkness

Murray Siple's feature-length documentary follows a group of homeless men who have combined bottle picking with the extreme sport of racing shopping carts down the steep hills of North Vancouver. This subculture shows that street life is much more than the stereotypes portrayed in mainstream media.

The film takes a deep look into the lives of the men who race carts, the adversity they face and the appeal of cart racing despite the risk. Shot in high-definition and featuring tracks from Black Mountain, Ladyhawk, Vetiver, Bison, and Alan Boyd of Little Sparta.

This film deals with mature subject matter. Viewer discretion is advised

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Murray Siple
Murray Siple
Tracey Friesen
Michael Brockington
director of photography
Christian B├ęgin
sound recordist
Paul Vance
sound supervisor
Jamie Mahaffey
Paula Sawadsky
re-recording mixer
Jamie Mahaffey
executive producer
Rina Fraticelli


  • wickiwild

    “I just happened upon this film while flipping through channels. So glad I saw it. What a gem. I've always said, don't judge, you don't know their story, everyone has a story. I will definitely look for more films from this great writer and film maker.” — wickiwild, 7 Oct 2015

  • pervadingsadness

    “How can I help these guys? I am serious. Where can we reach them to give them some comfortable furniture and good food? I just saw this film on Knowledge and now see that it was made in 2008. How are they all doing? Is Fergie okay? ” — pervadingsadness, 22 Oct 2014

  • Brainmster123790

    “Such a very awesome film, which makes me feel more grateful to the homeless now. Good Job” — Brainmster123790, 12 Feb 2013

  • Zamir40

    “This documentary is great, it shows how we can have a little bit oh humanity among us. Great Canadian production. ” — Zamir40, 6 Aug 2012

  • fitchettmouse

    “Thank you so much for this fabulous documentary! I have shared it with friends that understand the different plights, struggles and victories of our disconnected existance in a "privileged" society. Thanks for keeping it real!!” — fitchettmouse, 30 May 2012

  • sonicjune

    “I wanted to know what film equipment Muray and the DP used in this documentary. It was showcasing all over in 2009, so I would assume it was neither the 5Dmk2 or Canon 7D, so information on the equipment would be greatly appreciated :) Great documentary btw and I'm glad that Fergie, Al and Bob are doing well. ” — sonicjune, 25 May 2012

  • mmunchkindad

    “So much information on which to base decision? I wonder why we do not do a better job. ” — mmunchkindad, 25 May 2012

  • DXZ

    “i love the sentence:without money,i still survive!” — DXZ, 24 May 2012

  • insider

    “Wish I could help them all, IF They wanted HELP!” — insider, 10 Feb 2012

  • cweldon

    “Hi Elaineee! I forwarded your question to director Murray Siple and here is what he replied: "Fergie is alive. He lives at the local shelter and is no longer picking bottles as his disability prevents him from it. Bob has moved from his trailer and now lives downtown with his girlfriend. Big Al hasn't changed and is still up to his game. He's not happy about the colder weather though." Thanks for your interest! Carolyne” — cweldon, 17 Jan 2012

  • Elaineee

    “Well, Im glad the guys are doing alright even thoe I dont think they are really happy with the way they are living other than the dude with the trailer, is Fergie still alive?I'd take him in.” — Elaineee, 2 Jan 2012

  • Elaineee

    “Well, Im glad the guys are doing alright even thoe I dont think they are really happy with the way they are living other than the dude with the trailer, is Fergie still alive?I'd take him in.” — Elaineee, 2 Jan 2012

  • candycornaddict

    “I love it, can't describe my feelings towards this film, simply mind boggling” — candycornaddict, 16 Jul 2011

  • suncorwill

    “Great film, and loved the ending when Murray shows his trust, though, I'd probably where a helmet! Very engaging and touching film.” — suncorwill, 10 Apr 2011

  • 4canada

    “Amazing video. This video helped me to really be thankful for the little I have. Murry Siple was real and I treated these men with up-most respect and dignity in the film. Way to go!” — 4canada, 2 Mar 2011

  • bart65

    “"frame of reference" : stepping into the shoes of someone else, unbias and non-judgemental..........................Murray captured the subjects and his audience in the stereotypical world of the"less fortunate".............if only the "normal" people realize, humanity of this kind, is the wisest.....” — bart65, 21 Jun 2010

  • gummagucci

    “An informative look into a life not too many people know about or could understand. A wonderful film about people who "missed the boat", sometimes through their own choosing.I'm a visual artist. This film makes me want to get into making films. I was a still photographer for 25 years, maybe I should try motion pictures.” — gummagucci, 11 Apr 2010


    “This is an amazing film - thank you for this sensitive (and thrilling) look into the lives of the cart-racers!” —, 6 Feb 2010


    “Great film, loved it. Don't stop making films! Feel this film will stay with me for sometime. Not a usual feeling in our times of flash of light stimulations. It seems that your ability to capture "humanity" reflects what I imagine to be your core. ” —, 25 Jan 2010


    “Fergie taught me how to play the memory game when I was like 5 and was a realy good guy that always took time for the little people.” —, 24 Jan 2010

  • yuallthetime

    “The homeless (the unseen) are the last of the great frontier! Cowboys on bucking carts. Out of the block and down the treacherous hills! Inside this invisible community of misfits and outcast live real people. Look closer next time. You might really see someone inside. ” — yuallthetime, 11 Jan 2010

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