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Children of Alcohol

Children of Alcohol

| 18 min

This short documentary focuses on the children of alcoholics. In the relaxed environment of a mountain campsite, a group of young people discuss their anger and frustration, and talk about their struggle to cope with the problems created by their parents' drinking. By sharing their experiences, they open a door for others like them. Aimed primarily at an audience of elementary school children and older, this film provides an excellent vehicle for generating discussion about alcohol abuse and the family.

  • director
    Gil Cardinal
  • producer
    Anne Wheeler
  • executive producer
    Tom Radford
  • script
    Bev Ross
  • cinematography
    Doug Cole
  • sound
    Garrell Clark
  • editing
    Harvey Spak
    Anne Wheeler
    Gil Cardinal
  • sound editing
    Gerald K. Wilson
  • re-recording
    Jean-Pierre Joutel
  • narrator
    Kris Purdy
  • music
    Lawrence Reese


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Ages 12 to 15

Study Guide - Guide 1

Family Studies/Home Economics - Relationships
Health/Personal Development - Substance Use and Abuse/Addiction

A useful film to introduce a dialogue around the subject of alcoholism in families. Why is alcoholism often called a family disease? Identify and discuss the feelings expressed by the children in the film. Research AADAC (Alberta Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Commission) and discuss the benefits of such a program for children of alcoholics and drug abusers. Consider both the short-term and long-term effects of alcoholism on the children of alcoholics.

Children of Alcohol
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