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Sexual Health Education (Ages 12-14)

Sexual Health Education (Ages 12-14)

This playlist is geared towards facilitating conversations with secondary students about sexual health. Topics covered include gender, body image, emotions, romantic life, domestic violence, and sexual assault.

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Films in This Playlist Include
Tales of Ordinary Fatphobia
Sexy Inc. Our Children Under Influence
Standing on the Line
Social Me
I Like Girls
Hothouse 7 – Missed Connection
Hothouse 7 – The Kiss
The Formation of Clouds
Into the Light
Baby Blues
A Better Man
Because We Are Girls

  • Tales of Ordinary Fatphobia
    2019|24 min

    Sexual Growth and Body Image What is fatphobia and what can be done to overcome it? With poetic illustrations and painful, compelling testimony, Tales of Ordinary Fatphobia offers multiple examples of the psychological effects of weight-based discrimination and bullying on adolescent girls. Click here for the study guide.

  • Charles

    Sexual Growth and Body Image Charles knows he’s not like other kids. Every day at school, he’s reminded that his life isn’t like that of his classmates. Every day at home, he sees that he doesn’t receive the same care as other children in his neighbourhood. To dodge the unfairness and taunts, Charles imagines a peaceful haven peopled by good-hearted little frogs.

  • Beauty
    2018|23 min

    Identity, Gender Stereotypes and Roles, and Social Norms Beauty explores the lives of five gender-creative kids, each uniquely engaged in shaping their own sense of what it means to be fully human. Whether it’s dealing with bullies, explaining themselves to their parents, or navigating the uncharted waters of relationships, Bex, Lili, Fox, Tru and Milo talk about their experiences and struggle to live in authenticity.

  • Standing on the Line
    2018|1 h 20 min

    Identity, Gender Stereotypes and Roles, and Social Norms This doc about homophobia in sports explores the difficulty and impact of coming out in this macho world. Through a series of touching personal stories, the film examines homophobia both in elite sports and among student athletes, specifically at L’Odyssée, a school in Moncton, NB, that promotes diversity and inclusion

  • Social Me
    2015|23 min

    Identity, Gender Stereotypes and Roles, and Social Norms This short documentary examines the role of social media in the lives of teenagers. To the younger generation, social media is more than just a communication tool: it’s a way of life, a sphere in which to explore and create their own universes -- often at the expense of face-to-face interaction. As young Nya enters adulthood, she takes a critical look at how social media has impacted and continues to influence the shaping of her identity, experiences and values.

  • I Like Girls
    2016|8 min

    Identity, Gender Stereotypes and Roles, and Social Norms + Emotional and Romantic Life + Sexual Assault In this animated short from Diane Obomsawin, four women reveal the nitty-gritty about their first loves, sharing funny and intimate tales of one-sided infatuation, mutual attraction, erotic moments, and fumbling attempts at sexual expression. For them, discovering that they're attracted to other women comes hand-in-hand with a deeper understanding of their personal identity and a joyful new self-awareness. Click here for the mini-lesson.

  • Missed Connection
    2011|1 min

    Emotional and Romantic Life In this animated short, a delusional young man spots the girl of his dreams in his favourite café and weaves a self-indulgent fantasy story of their imagined life together. Missed Connection examines our universal desire to connect in a world of beautiful strangers.

  • The Kiss
    2011|1 min

    Emotional and Romantic Life A slow, agonizing, juicy exploration of the oldest form of affection.

  • The Formation of Clouds

    Emotional and Romantic Life + Sexual Assault Film without words. Childhood is a private, fragile terrain in which the marks of our explorations are inscribed. A delicate, sensitive evocation of burgeoning desire, The Formation of Clouds follows the steps of a young girl in the midst of transformation, clearly delineating that odd moment when one is no longer a child, exactly, but not yet an adult either. Using the simplicity of pen and ink drawings with graceful superimposition effects on glossy paper, Marie-Hélène Turcotte succeeds in capturing all the nuances of this transitional stage, in which the ingenuous wish to remain a child accompanies the yearning for self-discovery. With grace and sensitivity, this first short film becomes a visual poem that plays out at the frontier between reality and imagination.

  • Into the Light
    2020|1 h 19 min

    Emotional and Romantic Life + Sexual Assault Into the Light features the liberating life stories and powerful words of inspiring Quebec women of African origin who’ve regained control over their lives after suffering from domestic violence. The film transcends prejudice and breaks the silence, pulling back the curtain on a poorly understood, hidden world, while testifying to the tremendous power that comes from overcoming isolation and accepting one’s self. It’s a luminous dive into the quest for personal healing and universal humanity. This is Togo-born director Gentille M. Assih’s third documentary.

  • Baby Blues
    1990|24 min

    Pregnancy and Birth This dramatic short is intended to be a conversation starter on the topic of sex, responsibility and contraception. When young, popular Kristen suspects that she's pregnant, she and her boyfriend Jason are forced to answer some difficult questions: Will they keep the baby? What are their thoughts on abortion? Adoption? How will their actions affect their futures? Baby Blues reflects the teenage point of view without moralizing or sugar-coating the issue and dramatizes the consequences of ignoring birth control in a way that breaks through the "it can't happen to me" barrier. Appropriate for classroom use.

  • Timuti
    2012|29 min

    Pregnancy and Birth In this short film, artist Jobie Weetaluktuk turns his gaze on his family and the power of ritual through the story of a young woman and her unplanned child. In Inukjuak, an Inuit community in the Eastern Arctic, a baby boy has come into the world and they call him Timuti, a name that recurs across generations of his people, evoking other Timutis, alive and dead, who will nourish his spirit and shape his destiny.

  • Flawed
    2010|12 min

    Sexual Growth and Body Image + Identity, Gender Stereotypes and Roles, and Social Norms Flawed is nothing less than a beautiful gift from Andrea Dorfman's vivid imagination, a charming little film about very big ideas. Dorfman has the uncanny ability to transform the intensely personal into the wisely universal. She deftly traces her encounter with a potential romantic partner, questioning her attraction and the uneasy possibility of love. But, ultimately, Flawed is less about whether girl can get along with boy than whether girl can accept herself, imperfections and all. Click here for the study guide.

  • Nadine
    2017|4 min

    Emotional and Romantic Life From out of nowhere, the most beautiful girl in the world sits at the table across from me at the library. Is this a stroke of good luck or bad? Her smile paralyzes me… How will Sam win Nadine’s heart? Must he seek out his inner samurai to fight the monster of his anxiety? Real courage is conquering your fear.

  • A Better Man
    2017|1 h 17 min

    Emotional and Romantic Life + Sexual Assault Illuminating a new paradigm for domestic-violence prevention, A Better Man offers a fresh and nuanced look at the healing and revelation that can happen for everyone involved when men take responsibility for their abuse. It also empowers audience members to play new roles in challenging domestic violence, whether it’s in their own relationships or as part of a broader movement for social change. Click here for the study guide.

  • Because We Are Girls
    2019|1 h 22 min

    Sexual Growth and Body Image + Identity, Gender Stereotypes and Roles, and Social Norms + Sexual Assault A conservative Indo-Canadian family in small-town British Columbia must come to terms with a devastating secret: three sisters were sexually abused by an older relative beginning in their childhood years. After remaining silent for nearly two and a half decades, the sisters finally decide to come forward—not only to protect other young relatives, but to set an example for their daughters as well. Click here for the study guide.

  • Sexy Inc. Our Children Under Influence (Youth Version)
    2007|26 min

    Sexual Growth and Body Image + Identity, Gender Stereotypes and Roles, and Social Norms Are children being pushed prematurely into adulthood? Sophie Bissonnette’s documentary Sexy inc. Our Children Under Influence – Youth Version analyzes the hypersexualization of our environment and its noxious effects on young people. Psychologists, teachers and school nurses criticize the unhealthy culture surrounding our children, where marketing and advertising are targeting younger and younger audiences and bombarding them with sexual and sexist images. These stereotypes treat girls of all ages as sexual objects, and exercise a damaging the effect on their identities. Because they see degrading images of sexuality on the Internet, some children confuse sexual relations with pornography. Sexy inc. suggests various ways of countering hypersexualization and the eroticization of childhood and invites us to rally against this worrying phenomenon. Click here for the study guide.