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The Wanted 18

The Wanted 18

| 1 h 15 min
The Wanted 18
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This feature film incorporates live action footage with animation to tell the curious story of 18 cows. Acquired by a Palestinian community in the late 1980s, the cows were a symbol of freedom and resistance, providing milk for the Palestinian residents of Beit Sahour so that they would not rely on Israeli producers. Soon the illegal cows, cherished by the Palestinians, were being sought by the Israeli army as a threat to security. With humour and passion, this film captures the spirit of the 1987 uprising through the personal experiences of those who lived it.

This film deals with mature subject matter. Viewer discretion is advised

  • director
    Amer Shomali
    Paul Cowan
  • writer
    Paul Cowan
  • executive producer
    Saed Andoni
    Dominique Barneaud
    Ina Fichman
    Colette Loumède
  • producer
    Ina Fichman
    Nathalie Cloutier
  • director of photography
    Daniel Villeneuve
    Germán Gutiérrez
  • editor
    Aube Foglia
  • animation
    Dominique Côté
    Michelle Lannen
    Myriam Elda Arsenault
  • original music
    Benoît Charest
  • line producer
    Christine Rocheleau
    Mélanie Lasnier
  • location sound
    Daniel Fontaine Bégin
  • sound design
    Sylvain Bellemare
  • drawings
    Amer Shomali
  • voice
    Alison Darcy
    Heidi Foss
    Rosann Nerenberg
    Holly Uloth "O'Brien"
  • casting director
    Rosann Nerenberg
  • researcher
    Suha Arraf
    Nava Mizrahi
  • additional research
    Celina Bell
    Elizabeth Klinck
    Noam Shalev
  • additional cinematography
    Philippe Bellaïche
  • stills photographer
    Daniel Fontaine Bégin
    Joshua Fichman-Goldberg
    Luay Sababa
  • animator
    Anna Berezowsky
    Michelle Lannen
    Chris Diaz
    Marie Valade
    Daphné Loubot Landreville
    Raquel Sancinetti
  • director of photography - project supervisor
    Normand Rompré
  • character design
    Michelle Lannen
    Chris Diaz
    Amer Shomali
  • post-production
    Raquel Sancinetti
    Zeina Elayyan
    Dominique Côté
    Anna Berezowsky
  • visual effects
    Zeina Elayyan
    Raquel Sancinetti
    Dominique Côté
    Anna Berezowsky
  • storyboard artist
    Chris Diaz
    Myriam Elda Arsenault
  • animatic
    Normand Rompré
    Aube Foglia
  • 1st assistant
    Daphné Loubot Landreville
  • character sculpture
    Michelle Lannen
  • construction team
    Marie Valade
    Raquel Sancinetti
    Anna Berezowsky
    Zeina Elayyan
    Chris Diaz
    Myriam Elda Arsenault
  • intern
    Juliette Pilon
    Sarah Quirion
    Laurence Weyand
    Émilie Lemonde
    Nicole Franz
    Naomi Silver-Vézina
    Julie Charette
    Andréanne Baiwi
  • production supervisor
    Constance Cook
  • production manager
    Christine Rocheleau
    Hanna Abu Saada
    Issa Qumsieh
    Damien Maura
  • production coordinator
    Ethan Maharaj
    Hélène Regimbal
  • business affairs
    Rita Lamah
    Sylvie Krasker
  • accounting
    Isabelle Deneault
    Claude Desrochers
    Jeanne d'Arc Mukashema
    Paola Palacios
    Nancy Ishaq
  • location scout
    Issa Qumsieh
  • casting assistant
    Majd Andoni
  • set decorator
    Imad Samara
  • assistant set decorator
    Tariq Salasa
    Tariq Elyyan
  • property master
    Bashar Hasouneh
  • vehicles
    Muhammad Seifi
    Jamal Maqdidi
    Elias Ibrahim
  • production assistant
    Khalid Ayesh
    Shayma' Awawda
    Bilal Abu Alia
  • wardrobe
    Kholoud Khouri
  • transcription
    Samer Qatta
  • translation
    Reem Abd Ulhamid
    Robert Chidiac
    Dotan Moreno
  • assistant camera
    Kuba Rishmawi
  • extra
    Majd Andoni
    Elias Antar
    Odeh Antar
    Tariq Elian
    Amir Handal
    Shifa Ishaq
    Faris Ishaq
    Jihad Joubran
    Issa Qumsieh
    John Rishmawi
    Lama Shomaly
    Bashar Abu Zuluf
    George Albatal
    Salma Andoni
    Salwa Andoni
    Cessar Andoni
    Jeries Al Atrash
    Elia Awwad
    Eiad Awwad
    Jamal Ishaq
    Fadi Ishaq
    Marian Ishaq
    Daliah Kasis
    Maher Musleh
    Michel Musleh
    Samer Musleh
    Ahmad Naser
    Malik Qasis
    Hanna Qumsieh
    Ala' Saad
    Judi Qumsieh
    Oday Sababa
    George Shomaly
  • marketing manager
    Jenny Thibault
  • marketing manager - assistance
    Karine Sévigny
  • administrator
    Sia Koukoulas
    Gilles Beaudouin
  • administrative assistant
    Perrine Bral
    Sophie Dupuis
    Larissa Christoforo
  • technical coordinator
    Richard Cliche
    Mira Mailhot
  • head of production
    Leïla Badet
  • musician
    Benoît Charest
    Jérôme Beaulieu
    Joëlle St-Pierre
    Patrick Graham
    Michel Dubeau
    Frédéric Alarie
    Carmen Picuelata
    André Moisan
    Didem Basar
  • sound engineer
    Padraig Buttner-Schnirer
    Charles Bélanger
  • mixer
    Luc Papineau
  • assistant sound mixer
    Emmanuel Crombez
  • technical support - editing
    Pierre Dupont
    Isabelle Painchaud
    Patrick Trahan
  • graphic design
    Mélanie Bouchard
  • titles
    Mélanie Bouchard
  • online editor
    Yannick Carrier
  • narration recording
    Geoffrey Mitchell
  • voice recording
    Geoffrey Mitchell
  • re-recording
    Serge Boivin
  • coordinator
    Anne-Marie Bousquet
  • assistant editor
    Jessie-Lee Labonté
    Charles Tranquille
    Martin Nault
  • opening title design
    Akufen Atelier créatif
  • foley artist
    Jérôme Décarie



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