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Danny Williams was the charismatic and unflinching Premier of Newfoundland and Labrador from 2003 to 2010. By the time he left office, he had become the most popular—and controversial—Canadian politician of his era.

Laced with humour and revealing back-room anecdotes, Danny is the story of how Williams turned a “have not” into a “have” province. Known as a fighter, Williams famously took on prime ministers and Big Oil to ensure that benefits from the province’s abundant natural resources flowed back to its people. His mantra “no more giveaways” was key to his unprecedented popularity, but pride in his province made Williams a hero to its people.

  • director
    Justin Simms
    William D. MacGillivray
  • writer
    William D. MacGillivray
  • director of photography
    Andrew MacCormack
  • researcher
    Wanda Nolan
  • story consultant
    Wanda Nolan
  • editor
    Justin Simms
  • sound design
    Alex Salter
  • music composer
    Darren Fung
  • conductor
    Darren Fung
  • producer
    Annette Clarke
  • sound recordist
    Mark Neary
  • production manager
    Lynn Andrews
  • stills photography
    Jamie Lewis
    Victoria Wells
  • art director
    Shelley Cornick
    Steven Lang
  • assistant art director
    Duane Chard
    Stacey Croucher
    Scott Hiscock
    Walter Lawlor
  • makeup artist
    Dorothy Martin
    Mary Gabriel-Cadigan
    Daphne Thomas
  • wardrobe
    Marie Sharpe
  • key grip
    Sean Doran
    Zoe Dempster
  • additional camera
    Justin Simms
  • additional editing
    Hannele Halm
  • additional sound recording
    Phillip Cairns
    Tom Ronan
    Donald Ellis
    Alex Salter
    Scott Yates
  • actor
    Dominic Stephen Winter
    Alison Woolridge
    Rick Boland
    Michael Daly
    Janet Edmonds
    Laura Huckle
    Evan Mercer
    Paula Morgan
    Crystal Dawn Parsons
    Rhonda Rodgers
  • music recording engineer
    Geoffrey Mitchell
  • associate music producer
    Vincent L. Pratte
  • orchestrator
    Vincent L. Pratte
  • music editor
    Tim Gowdy
  • violin
    John Corban
    Ana Drobac
    Sari Tsuji
    Alex Lozowski
    Carrissa Klopoushak
  • viola
    Pemi Paull
    Isaac Chalk
  • cello
    Jean-Christophe Lazotte
    Octavie Dostaler-Lalonde
  • bass
    Reuven Rothman
  • clarinet
    Simon Aldrich
  • French horn
    Guillaume Roy
    Simon Bourget
  • piano
    Benjamin Kwong
  • transcription
    Lisa Clarke
    Sam Decoste
    Connie Littlefield
  • associate producer
    Jon Montes
    Hilary Thomson
  • production supervisor
    Roz Power
  • technical coordinator
    Jean-François Laprise
  • assistant editor
    Chris MacIntosh
  • graphics
    Christopher Darlington
  • animation
    Christopher Darlington
  • online editor
    Doug Woods
  • colourist
    Doug Woods
  • assistant on-line editor
    Kevin Riley
  • re-recording
    Jean Paul Vialard
  • marketing manager
    Kelley Alexander
  • publicist
    Pat Dillon
  • production coordinator
    Stephanie Coolen
    Vanessa Larsen
  • senior production coordinator
    Kelly Davis
    Isabelle Limoges
  • legal counsel
    Dominique Aubry
  • studio administrator
    John William Lutz
    Leslie Anne Poyntz
  • executive producer
    Annette Clarke
    Ravida Din



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