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Soraida, a Woman of Palestine

Soraida, a Woman of Palestine

| 1 h 59 min

This feature-length film introduces viewers to Soraida, a Palestinian woman who lives in Ramallah. In her neighbourhood the women do not all wear veils, the men do not rattle off empty political slogans, the young people do not strap bombs to their belts, and the children play together like kids everywhere. Taking us into the daily existence of Soraida, her family and neighbours, the film compels us to ask fundamental questions about life in the Middle East.

  • participation
    Soraïda Abed Hussein
    Rula Abu Dahou
    Heijar Abu-el Haj
    Thuraya Alayan
    Rana Mousa
    Hanan Mousa
    Jameela Mozayan
    Hassan Mozayan
    Loai Mozayan
    Anmar Rafidie
    Dara Rafidie
    Wisam Rafidie
    Aram Sabbah
    Rantia Sabbah
    Rifaat Sabbah
    Sama Salem
    Esperanza Shannan
    Samia Shannan
    Miral Tamimi
    Tawfik Tamimi
  • research
    Tahani Rached
  • script
    Tahani Rached
  • direction
    Tahani Rached
  • director of photography
    Jacques Leduc
  • sound
    Yann Cleary
  • picture editing
    Hélène Girard
  • sound editing
    Claude Beaugrand
  • dialogue editing
    Michelle Cloutier
  • production assistant
    Nuha Mousleh
    Sylvie Lapointe
  • still photographer
    Jacques Leduc
  • foley
    Lise Wedlock
  • foley assistant
    Alexis Pharand
  • original music
    Jean Derome
  • musician
    Jean Derome
    Pierre Tanguay
    Normand Guilbault
    Guy Ross
    Jean René
    Abou Nazih
  • singer
    Gassem Mustapha
  • consultant
    Monique Durand
    Nicole Lacelle
  • translation
    Qussaï Samak
    Christine York
  • subtitling
    Christine York
  • editing technical support
    Danielle Raymond
  • online editing
    Denis Pilon
    Denis Gathelier
  • re-recording
    Serge Boivin
    Geoffrey Mitchell
  • titles
    Louise Overy
  • marketing manager
    David Boisclair
  • administrator
    Denise DesLauriers
  • administrative staff
    Hélène Regimbal
    Lise Lévesque
    Marie-Josée Lavoie
  • technical coordinator
    Jean-François Laprise
    Brigitte Sénéchal
  • line producer
    Johanne Bergeron
  • executive producer
    Yves Bisaillon
  • producer
    Yves Bisaillon


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Ages 15 to 17

History - World History
Social Studies - Contemporary Issues

This feature film should be shown before addressing the Palestinian/Israeli conflict in class. After screening it, the teacher can ask students to expand on the topic by doing research on the origins of the conflict, as well as on certain key concepts mentioned in the film, such as the Intifada, the notion of invasion, the British role in the conflict, the significance of the years 1948 and 1967, the role of President Yasser Arafat, the city of Ramallah, etc.

Soraida, a Woman of Palestine
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