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| 29 min
Children of Jerusalem
Children of Jerusalem
1991 7 films

Children of Jerusalem</em></strong> (1991–1996) is a collection of seven films by multi-award-winning filmmaker Beverly Shaffer. The series offers portraits of life in Jerusalem as experienced by seven children from diverse social, cultural and religious backgrounds.


This short documentary presents a portrait of Neveen, a 12-year-old Palestinian girl who lives in the Shufat refugee camp on the outskirts of Jerusalem. Neveen gives us a tour of her typical day: helping her mother with chores, attending school, learning English with her aunt. Throughout, Neveen discusses her family history and her faith; her classmates engage in a lively discussion about the history of Israeli-Palestinian relations and what they think the future holds for all people in the region.

  • director
    Beverly Shaffer
  • producer
    Beverly Shaffer
    Colin Neale
  • executive producer
    Colin Neale
  • camera
    Kent Nason
  • sound
    Jacques Drouin
  • editing
    Sidonie Kerr
  • sound editing
    Don Ayer
  • re-recording
    Hans Peter Strobl
  • music
    Kathryn Moses


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Ages 10 to 16

Study Guide - Guide 1

Ethics and Religious Culture - Religious Diversity/Heritage
Family Studies/Home Economics - Child Development
Health/Personal Development - Human Growth and Development
Health/Personal Development - Identity

Warning (if any): Graphic imagery of animal body parts at the beginning of the film in a lesson at school.

Brief “lesson launcher type” activity or a series of inquiry questions with a bit of context:

  • Profile of an 11-year-old Palestinian girl named Neveen who lives in a refugee camp in Jerusalem.
  • Neveen was born in a refugee camp. Do these camps still exist today in Jerusalem? How has the situation changed between Israelis and Palestinians since this documentary was released in 1992?
  • How do Neveen’s ideas about peace differ from those of her father?
  • How might Neveen feel while her class is discussing the future of refugees?
  • What insights do the children in Neveen’s class have about the Middle East Conference that was taking place at the time? Do you think their voices are heard on a grander scale?
  • How might Neveen’s upbringing have had an impact on her desire to become a doctor and help her people?

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