The Rose Family

The Rose Family

                                The Rose Family
| 2 h 7 min

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In October 1970, members of the Front de libération du Québec kidnapped minister Pierre Laporte, unleashing an unprecedented crisis in Quebec. Fifty years later, Félix Rose tries to understand what led his father and uncle to commit these acts.

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The Rose Family, Félix Rose, provided by the National Film Board of Canada

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    Jacques Rose
    Paul Rose
    Rose Rose
    Andrée Bergeron
    Lise Balcer
    Jacques Lanctôt
    Marc Laurendeau
    Robert Lemieux
    Claire Rose
    Suzanne Rose
  • writing
    Félix Rose
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    Félix Rose
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    Félix Rose
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    Philippe A. Allard
    Marco Frascarelli
    Félix Rose
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  • Parathink

    The best film ever produced by the NFB. I'm reading Pierre Valliéres book. Essential reading for Canadians.

    Parathink, 29 Jan 2021
  • None

    What did the FLQ think would happen if they kidnapped authority figures? Very scrambled thinking I feel. It's harder to organize the population to fight for justice, but it is what will win in the end.

    None, 7 Dec 2020
  • None

    Congratulations to the makers of this film! I did feel that they went too easy on the Industrial benefactors of the time. Romanizing a bit too much! I enjoyed it. Thank you!

    None, 3 Oct 2020
  • None

    im a canadian citizen living in South Australia for the next while. I would like to watch this documentary. As I recall I was 13 years old when all of this happened living in Calgary at the time. My father was horrified at the War Measures Act and I didn't fully understand back then.

    None, 3 Oct 2020