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Nigeria: Giant in Africa

Nigeria: Giant in Africa

| 58 min

This feature documentary vividly recounts Nigeria's history from pre-European times to the mid-20th century. The film explores the political maturing of Africa's most populous country and depicts the various African cultures that make up the Federation of Nigeria.

  • director
    Ronald Dick
  • script
    Ronald Dick
  • executive producer
    Nicholas Balla
  • sound
    Joan Edward
    Marguerite Payette
  • editing
    Marion Meadows
    George Kaczender
  • re-recording
    Ron Alexander


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Ages 13 to 18

Geography - Physical Geography/Geology
Social Studies - Communities in Canada/World
Social Studies - Comparative Civilizations

Warnings: Presumes Western civilization is the necessary goal for all, which is reinforced by phrases and images.

What implicit and explicit biases are suggested from the documentary’s Western perspective? For example, consider phrases such as “small and backward” that are used throughout the film. What images are used to reinforce these biases and prejudices? Suggest changes to this film to ensure it tells the history of Nigeria from the perspective of Nigerians. The union of this area as the country of Nigeria is depicted as a positive representation of “development.” Research the history of Nigeria following the time of this documentary (1960) and assess how “successful” they were. Review the role of the slave trade in the history of Nigeria. Describe the physical geographic characteristics of this region. How has this influenced human settlements? Research the different people groups in Niger and summarize their culture, traditions, language, region, etc. Using blank maps (not political) of this area, identify the physical features, religious groups and tribal distinctions of this area. Research the complex past Nigeria has with the British Empire and write an editorial on their relationship (focus in particular on governing, industry and social policies). Identify the myths that are presented in this documentary (for example, Western civilization is the ideal) and present alternative viewpoints with evidence.

Nigeria: Giant in Africa
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