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China Mission: The Chester Ronning Story

China Mission: The Chester Ronning Story

| 57 min

Tom Radford's documentary chronicles the life of Chester Ronning, best remembered for his close and longstanding relationship with China. Over the course of his life, Ronning worked as a cowboy, ambassador, college president, missionary and a member of the Alberta legislature. But throughout all of his careers, his lifelong ambition was to explain China to the western world. His story is a rare example of the meeting of East and West in a compassionate, remarkable man.

This film deals with mature subject matter. Viewer discretion is advised

  • director
    Tom Radford
  • producer
    Michael Scott
  • executive producer
    Lydia Semotuk
    Michael Scott
  • commentary
    Stanley Jackson
    Tom Radford
  • photography
    Robert Reece
    Ron Orieux
    Harry Nuttall
    Richard Westlien
  • sound
    Garrell Clark
    Ann McGaw
    Ed Smith
    Lesley Topping
  • editing
    Christopher Tate
  • sound editing
    Christopher Tate
  • re-recording
    Clive Perry
  • narrator
    Cedric Smith
  • music
    Roger Deegan


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Ages 15 to 17

Ethics and Religious Culture - Religious Diversity/Heritage
Geography - Human Geography
History - World History

Discuss the primary reason(s) for Ronning's life-long interest in China. Research The Boxer Rebellion (1898 - 1901). How did this historical event impact the Ronning family directly? Would Chester Ronning be someone you would have liked to know? Support your answer with references from the film. By what standards could he be considered a great man?

China Mission: The Chester Ronning Story
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