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North China Factory

North China Factory

| 56 min

This documentary from 1980 depicts a factory community in China where over 6000 workers process, spin and weave raw cotton into 90 million yards of high-quality cloth per year. Also seen are the workers' residential, social, recreational and educational facilities, all located on factory property. The film presents an engrossing study of a lifestyle that is very different from that of the Western world.

  • director
    Tony Ianzelo
    Boyce Richardson
  • producer
    Tom Daly
  • executive producer
    Barrie Howells
  • photography
    Tony Ianzelo
  • sound
    Hans Oomes
  • editing
    Ginny Stikeman
  • sound editing
    Margaret Wong
  • narrator
    Donald Sutherland


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Ages 14 to 17

Diversity - Diversity in Communities
History and Citizenship Education - Culture and Currents of Thought (1500-present)

Have a discussion with students about the lifestyle depicted in this film. Would students agree that this factory is its own little world where there is never a need to go beyond its gates? One can get everything there, from daycare to a university-level education. In a written response, have students write why it would be appealing to work at this place and why it wouldn't. The teacher should arrange an outing for the class to visit a textile factory so students can see the spinning and weaving of a raw material into a finished product.

North China Factory
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