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The Image Mill

The Image Mill

| 50 min

The Image Mill is an important archival record of a spectacular show put on by Robert Lepage and Ex Machina. The original work from 2008 is now part of our history. Shot from all angles (striking master shots, long pans and zooms), the film version includes breathtaking aerial views, while highlighting the narrative qualities of the original event and allowing Lepage’s symphonic and architectural vision to shine. René Lussier’s original soundtrack was reworked and reformatted to perfectly complement every image in this film, which immortalizes a monumental, iconic work celebrated worldwide for its artistry.

  • original concept
    Robert Lepage
  • design
    Robert Lepage
  • creative content producer
    Michel Bernatchez
  • co-creator
    Steve Blanchet
    Philippe Meunier
  • image design
    Steve Blanchet
  • composer
    René Lussier
  • sound design
    René Lussier
  • lighting design
    Martin Gagnon
  • co-designer of the original scenario
    Philippe Meunier
    Philippe Dubé
  • museologist
    Philippe Dubé
  • projection technical design
    Paul Souverbie
  • image production coordinator
    Marie Belzil
  • creative assistant
    Marie Belzil
    Félix Dagenais
  • coordinator
    Félix Dagenais
  • image design assistant
    Jacques Collin
  • production manager
    Mario Brien
    Jean-Pierre Vézina
  • technical director
    Michel Loiselle
  • assistant to the production manager
    Caroline Pineau
  • production assistant
    Marie-Christine Martel
    Sandra Matte
    Mathieu Robineau
    Jason Michael Béland
    Hugo Gendron
    Marie-Eve Brulotte
  • image production consultant
    Pierre-Yves Toulot
  • image programmer
    Jean-Philippe Turmel
    Sébastien Grenier-Cartier
  • modelling
    Jean-Philippe Turmel
  • operator
    Sébastien Grenier-Cartier
  • E/T/C video system design
    Jean-Marc Constantien
    Nicolas Manichon
    Patrice Bouqueniaux
  • head computer graphics designer
    Maxim Boisseau
  • image production assistant
    Valériane Cossette
  • researcher
    Valériane Cossette
    Karine Charbonneau
    Joëlle Cloutier
    Anne-Marie Desmeules
  • archivist
    Mélanie Girard
  • computer graphics designer
    Luc Saint-Laurent
    François Mercier
    Dominique Grenier
    Olivier Breton
    Sylvain Gignac
    Ludovic Gauthier
    Anne-Marie Lévesque
    Nicoletta Kalatha
    Sandrine Muratet
    Anne-Marie Demers
    Kim Maurice
    Maxine Jutras
    Véronique Dumont
  • camera operator
    Luc Saint-Laurent
    Boris Firquet
    Maxim Boisseau
    Patrick Faucher
    Érick Dinel
    Frédérick Mercier
    Samuel Matteau
    Richard Tremblay
  • video editor
    Luc Saint-Laurent
  • sound broadcasting system design
    Jacques Boucher
  • sound engineer
    Martin Messier
    Pierre Bouchard
  • mixer
    Martin Messier
  • studio musician
    Jacques Drouin
    Liette Remon
    Jean René
    Martin Tétreault
    Nemo Venba
    Pierre Langevin
  • sound director
    Marc Doucet
  • head of sound
    Josué Beaucage
    Pierre Bouchard
  • project manager
    Patrick Durnin
  • electricity
    Patrick Durnin
  • wiring
    Patrick Durnin
  • lighting assistant
    Mathieu Rousseau
    Donald Leblanc
  • lighting director
    Dominic Minguy-Jean
  • key grip
    Jacques Rouleau
    David Giasson
  • grip and technician
    Jonathan Allaire
    Éric Aubin
    Valérie Bossinotte-Gosselin
    Nicolas Boudreau
    Véronique Dumais
    Émilie Durette-Yockell
    Jean-François Faber
    Frédérik Fortier
    Yves Gagnon
    David Hugues
    Danny Jenkins
    Keena Lamarre-Meetaroo
    Carolanne Laroche Loiselle
    Daniel Mainguy
    Olivier Marcil
    Yves Marois
    Simon Pedneault
    Marc-Olivier Pelletier
    Jérôme Vallée
    Marc Vinceslas
  • messenger
    Serge Loiselle
  • carpenter
    François Turgeon
  • computer-assisted design
    Richard Côté
  • vice-president of finance
    Jean-Pierre Vézina
  • executive director
    Guy Lanteigne
  • director of human resources
    Guy Lanteigne
  • director of communications
    Martine Rochon
  • director of public relations
    Martine Rochon
  • assistant to the producer
    Valérie Lambert
  • technical consultant
    Tobie Horswill
    Catherine Guay
  • network administrator
    Marc-Antoine Fleury
  • administrative assistant
    Sylvie Racine
    Carmen Hattote
    Francine Poitras
    Jean-Philippe Côté
    Lise Lévesque
  • travel agent
    Francine Dupuis
  • receptionist
    Francine Dupuis
  • assistant to the vice-president of finance
    Francine Poitras
  • administrative clerk
    Virginie Leclerc
  • workshop technician
    Sylvain Durocher
  • archives clerk
    Véronique St-Jacques
  • maintenance man
    Daniel Bernatchez
  • agent
    Lynda Beaulieu
  • assistant
    Lynda Beaulieu
    Johanne Tremblay
    Patrick Caux
    Francis Beaulieu
  • producer in development
    Vincent Routhier
  • director of development
    Samuel Matteau
  • director of photography
    François Gamache
  • grip
    Vincent Deschênes
    Charles Caron
  • head electrician
    Steve Renaud
  • location manager
    Pierre-René Bonnette
  • colorization
    François Gamache
  • content supervisor
    Marie Belzil
    Maxim Boisseau
  • image editing
    Mariano Franco
  • original music
    René Lussier
  • legal counsel
    Stéphane Labrie
  • auditing
    Lemieux Nolet
  • rights acquisition
    Valériane Cossette
  • marketing manager
    François Jacques
  • administrator
    Manon Provencher
  • technical coordinator
    Richard Cliche
  • online editor
    Denis Pilon
  • additional mixing
    Serge Boivin
  • titles
    Gaspard Gaudreau
  • production coordinator
    Hélène Regimbal
    Dominique Brunet
  • producer
    Martine Rochon
    Johanne Bergeron
  • executive producer
    Lynda Beaulieu
    Jacques Turgeon


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