Contemporary Voices: Films for Global Education

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This playlist was created to help educators at the secondary level to integrate documentary films about various global issues into their curriculum across several subject areas. It has been developed to suit the curricula of provinces and territories throughout Canada. The films and interactive projects were selected to represent a variety of global issues that fall into seven broad categories, including Environmental Conservation & Sustainability, Human Rights, Social Justice & Globalization, War, Conflict & Peace, and International Development Issues.

Education for global citizenship encourages youth to develop empathy for others living across the planet and to realize we all share our environment. When educators raise awareness of the issues and mobilize students to take action, this helps our youth develop a consciousness of our interconnectedness and interdependence. By teaching global citizenship, we provide students with the skills to participate in ensuring their own and our collective well-being. Introducing international issues in the classroom empowers students and helps to motivate them to contribute positively to a society that values human rights, justice, peace, global solidarity, environmental sustainability and global health.

Documentaries expose us to different realities, confront our concepts of truth and play a profound role in shaping our understanding of the world today and the world we want for tomorrow. By watching and analyzing documentaries, students learn about their own roles as global citizens and discover the key factors behind global challenges.

We encourage educators to use this playlist and in the films on the NFB Global Issues Film List, to enhance classroom learning. The CONTEMPORARY VOICES: Global Issues Educator's Guide offers discussion questions that encourage students to probe the global challenges presented in the films and to explore solutions and courses of action. There is also a section addressing media literacy within the context of global issues. It has been designed to help students analyze a medium, such as film, its message, its audience, certain production elements and its potential impact. A curriculum matrix will help educators to identify the curricula in each province and territory related to the issues covered on the Global Issues playlist and in the Global Issues Film List.

Teachers and students who would like to further explore specific global issues can learn more from the resources section at the end of the guide.

Create your own chapters and playlists with the films featured on the Global Issues playlist and customize classroom learning. Subscribing to CAMPUS allows you to use the chaptering tool to select a specific part of a film that is the most pertinent for your purposes. Use the chaptering tool to easily select a specific sequence of a full-length film, add it to your own playlist, write lesson notes and questions, and then screen the playlist for your students. Find out more by reading about the chaptering tool here.


CONTEMPORARY VOICES: Global Issues Educator's Guide
Global Issues Film List

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