Pipelines, Power and Democracy

Pipelines, Power and Democracy

                                    Pipelines, Power and Democracy
| 1 h 28 min
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The expansion of Canada’s oil sands industry—one of the most polluting on the planet—represents a huge environmental challenge. And, as the documentary Pipelines, Power and Democracy makes clear, when it comes to fossil fuels, political power doesn’t always lie where we think it does. From the hallways of Quebec’s National Assembly, where parliamentary power resides, to the campaigns waged by environmental defence groups and the big media splashes made by some activists, director Olivier D. Asselin follows the journeys of four people who adopt a variety of tactics—showing that it is still possible to effect change. Over the course of two years, Asselin documents the growth of an anti-pipeline movement in Quebec that rekindled a sense of collective purpose and solidarity. The result is a film that urges action at a moment in which our planet’s fragile ecological balance is threatened by those who embrace economic growth at any cost.

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  • participation
    Daniel Breton
    André Bélisle
    Alyssa Symons-Bélanger
    Mikael Rioux
  • director
    Olivier D. Asselin
  • research
    Olivier D. Asselin
    Santiago Bertolino
  • script
    Olivier D. Asselin
    Santiago Bertolino
  • director of photography
    Olivier D. Asselin
  • editing
    Boban Chaldovich
  • original music
    Claude Fradette
  • sound design
    Patrice Leblanc
  • participation
    Michel Bélanger
    Émeraude Boisvert
    Patrick Bonin
    Mike Bonnano
    Jacqueline Breton
    Alain Brunel
    Kim Cornelissen
    Pierre-Luc Demers-Hébert
    Jean-Marie Dion
    Philippe Dumont
    Paul Dupuis
    Claudie Gagné
    Patrick Givre
    Steven Guilbeault
    Olivier Huard
    Natasha Kanapé Fontaine
    Lucie Lacoursière
    Jessica Lambert Massicotte
    Philippe Landry
    Julie Leblanc
    Sophie-Anne Legendre
    Luc Lemoine
    Shaun Lovejoy
    Sébastien Mariel
    Guy Marsil
    Éric Michaud
    Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois
    Marie-Philip Ouellet
    Nicholas Ouellet
    Gilles E. Pelletier
    Karine Péloffy
    Martin Poirier
    Geneviève Puskas
    Sylvie Robert
    François Saillant
    Christian Simard
    Corinne Trubiano
    Marius Vigne
  • location sound
    Santiago Bertolino
    Stéphane Barsalou
    Simon Van Vliet
    Ariane Lorrain
    David Widginton
  • foley
    Alexis Farand
  • re-recording
    Serge Boivin
  • producer
    Denis McCready
  • executive producer
    Colette Loumède

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  • czandra

    I went to the Pipelines film screening last night - very Quebecois in rhythm, colour, humour-circus bits, and disjointedness: it took me 20 mins to figure out what was going on. It's been picked up by NFB, I want to show it at John Abbott College with English subs. How can I do that?

    czandra, 17 Mar 2016