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The Battle of Rabaska - Chronicle of an Environmental Conflict

The Battle of Rabaska - Chronicle of an Environmental Conflict

| 1 h 18 min

This documentary is the story of citizen activists opposing a methane tanker terminal practically on their doorstep. Lucid and compelling, the film shows citizen action pitted against powerful lobbies and reminds us to be vigilant faced with Quebec's environmental and energy-related issues over the coming years.

  • participation
    André Bélisle
    Jean-Yves Bisson
    Jean-Claude Bouchard
    Daniel Breton
    Dominique Chabot
    Gaston Déry
    Martin Desjardins
    Pierre Garant
    Jean Garon
    Glenn Kelly
    Yves Lambert
    Jacques Levasseur
    Thomas Mulcair
    Yves Saint-Laurent
    Rosaire Saint-Pierre
    Lise Thibault
  • director
    Magnus Isacsson
    Martin Duckworth
  • camera
    Martin Duckworth
  • additional photography
    Henry Bernadet
    Simon Bujold
    Julien Fontaine
    Bernard Fugères
    Magnus Isacsson
    Joe Pedalino
  • sound recording
    Magnus Isacsson
  • additional sound recording
    Pierre Bouchard
    Simon Bujold
    Mathieu Campagna
    Diane Carrière
    Glenn Hodgins
    Normand Lapierre
    Craig Lapp
    Yves Saint-Jean
    Éric Watelle
  • production assistant
    Kadiatou Bah
    Laura Bernadet
    Frederic Bohbot
    Louis Fontaine
    Sophie Soukaïna Ghanem
    Doris Lapierre
    Linda Paradis
  • picture editing
    Michel Giroux
  • sound editing
    André Chaput
  • foley
    Lise Wedlock
  • foley recording
    Geoffrey Mitchell
  • additional research
    Claire Bourbonnais
    Pascale Guéricolas
  • archival research
    Jocelyne Clarke
  • digital editing technician
    Isabelle Painchaud
  • online editing
    Yannick Carrier
  • titles
    Philippe Raymond
  • computer graphics
    Philippe Raymond
  • computer graphics for maps
    Philippe Raymond
  • re-recording
    Jean Paul Vialard
    Shelley Craig
  • original music
    Robert M. Lepage
  • music recording
    Geoffrey Mitchell
    Sylvain Cajelais
  • voice-over
    Carole Vallières
  • marketing manager
    Julie Armstrong-Boileau
  • marketing manager - assistance
    Karine Sévigny
  • administrator
    Denise DesLauriers
    Johanne Dubuc
  • production coordinator
    Mirabelle Bélanger
    Hélène Regimbal
  • administrative team
    Dominique Brunet
    Lise Lévesque
  • technical coordinator
    Jean-François Laprise
  • associate producer
    Maryse Chapdelaine
  • executive producer
    Yves Bisaillon
  • producer
    Johanne Bergeron
    Yves Bisaillon


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Ages 9 to 17

Civics/Citizenship - Citizen Responsibilities
Geography - Environmental Issues
Media Education - Documentary Film
Science - Environmental Science

An exemplary grass-roots struggle against a planned methane tanker terminal on the South Shore of the St. Lawrence. Focused on environmental issues, it has strong political impact. Teachers should insist on the following questions: What are the citizens’ arguments to justify their stance? Are the promoters’ arguments legitimate, or not? What do you think of the government’s decisions in this case? And those of the BAPE? Can you think of other, cleaner energy sources that might replace this fossil fuel? Since this film was released, in 2008, what has become of the Rabaska project? What other project appears to have taken its place, and sparked even stronger opposition?

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