The Downtown Project

Just a stone’s throw from downtown Montreal is the largest social housing complex in Quebec. Built in 1959 where the red-light district used to be, Les Habitations Jeanne-Mance have retained something of the area’s seedy reputation for poverty, prostitution, drugs and violence. But who really knows the projects and the people who live there? Delving beneath the prejudices and stereotypes, director Isabelle Longtin ventured inside the buildings and met the residents. The result is The Downtown Project, a documentary that reveals a complex multi-ethnic reality made up of compelling personal stories and social movements.

Film Credits

Isabelle Longtin
Isabelle Longtin
Raymonde Provencher
Colette Loumède
Charles Latour
sound recording
Simon Plouffe
Robert Cornellier
Elric Robichon
original music
Ghislain Poirier
Isabelle Longtin
sound design
Bruno Pucella
sound editing
Bruno Pucella
Richard Pelletier
executive producer
Robert Cornellier
Patricio Henríquez
Raymonde Provencher

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