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A Score for Women's Voices

A Score for Women's Voices

| 1 h 26 min

Between March and October 2000, millions of people around the world took to the streets to denounce poverty and violence against women. The historic World March of Women was a bold initiative of the Québec Federation of Women and represented a turning point in global solidarity.

Director Sophie Bissonnette invited five filmmakers from around the world to cover the march. She also asked each one to film an innovative project. In Senegal a community battles female genital mutilation through education. In Australia a women's circus teaches survivors of sexual assault to become skilled performers. In India a group of low-caste women mediate domestic disputes in informal women's courts. Native women in Ecuador offer leadership training programs to create women leaders. In the United States, Linda Carney describes why she founded Survival Inc. for poor women in Boston: this wealthy city refused her and her son welfare benefits unless she quit her minimum-wage job.

Set against the backdrop of a song, A Score for Women's Voices ends at the UN, where women deliver 5 million cards signed during the marches. Their goal? To change the world!

Some subtitles.

  • original concept
    Sophie Bissonnette
  • direction
    Sophie Bissonnette
  • collaboration
    Anne Laure Folly
    Pat Fiske
    Nicolette Freeman
    Deepa Dhanraj
    Carmen Guarini
    Helene Klodawsky
  • editing
    Dominique Sicotte
  • sound design
    Catherine Van Der Donckt
    Christian Marcotte
  • theme song
    Janet Lumb
    Karen Young
  • assistant director
    Nancy Marcotte
  • associate producer
    Nicole Lamothe
  • producer
    Monique Simard
    Marcel Simard
  • script
    Sophie Bissonnette
  • director of photography
    Martin Duckworth
    Philippe Lavalette
    Alex Margineanu
  • location sound
    Esther Auger
    Claude Hamel
  • original music
    Karen Young
  • online editing
    Denis Pilon
  • re-recording
    Robert Langlois
  • computer graphics
    Jean-François Vézina
  • production manager
    Nancy Marcotte
    Danielle Champoux
    Kathryn Ruscio Kelly
  • research
    Ximena Cruz
    Deepa Dhanraj
    Pat Fiske
    Anne Laure Folly
    Margaret Fombé Fubé
    Carmen Guarini
    Helene Klodawsky
    Caroline Martel
    Margot Nash
    Lisette Quesnel
  • foley artist
    Lise Wedlock
  • musician
    Francine Martel
    Gustavo Cabili
    Karen Young
    Marc Villemure
  • sound engineer
    Jean Lacasse
    Jean-Pierre Limoge
  • re-recording of music
    Jean Lacasse
  • re-recording of theme song
    Jean-Pierre Limoge
  • music - composition
    Gustavo Cabili
    Jorge Reyes
    Gerda Daya Resl
    Les Legroup
  • music - interpretation
    Gustavo Cabili
    Jorge Reyes
    Gerda Daya Resl
    Choir of The Escuela de Capacitac...
    Les Legroup
  • translation
    Ève Bélanger
    Naima Bendris
    Aoura Bizzari
    Marie-Hélène Bonin
    Madeleine Desnoyers
    Jacqueline E. Fouché
    Dipti Gupta
    Charles Gagnon
    Marcelle Hanna Harb
    Mohammad Imonan
    Nicole Kennedy
    Bouchra Khabchaouy
    Karmela Krieza Jeric
    Marisol Laneuville
    Mozart Firmose Longuefosse
    Akemi Malette
    Zdravka Metz
    Paola Navaro
    David E. Nhabetse
    Nicole Palé
    Adriana Oliveira
    Nuran Ozgur
    Cynthia Palmaria
    Erica Pomerance
    Diya Rajan
    Victor Regalado
    Benjamin Simard-Lachance
    Francisco Van Dun
    Stella Vargas
  • subtitles
    Claude Dionne
  • NFB Image Postproduction Services
    Danielle Raymond
    Sylvain Desbiens
    Gaspard Gaudreau
  • production administration
    Denise DesLauriers
  • production administration assistant
    Marie-Christine Guité
    Brigitte Sénéchal
    Lise Lévesque
  • technical coordination
    Jean-François Laprise
    Isabelle Fortier
    Nadège Pouyez
  • assistant to the producer
    Johanne Bergeron
  • production secretary
    Marjolaine Lavoie
  • administration
    Jean Brien
  • distribution officer
    Joanne Carrière
  • broker
    Taillefer Desjardins inc.
  • auditor
    Fauteux Bruno Bussière Leewarden
  • lawyer
    Marie-José Harel
    Vivianne de Kinder


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A Score for Women's Voices
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