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To Kill a Tiger

To Kill a Tiger

| 2 h 5 min

In a small Indian village, Ranjit wakes up to find that his 13-year-old daughter has not returned from a family wedding. A few hours later, she’s found stumbling home. After being dragged into the woods, she was raped by three men. Ranjit goes to the police, and the men are arrested. But Ranjit’s relief is short-lived, as the villagers and their leaders launch a sustained campaign to force the family to drop the charges. A cinematic documentary, To Kill a Tiger follows Ranjit’s uphill battle to find justice for his child. In India, where a rape is reported every 20 minutes and conviction rates are less than 30 percent, Ranjit’s decision to support his daughter is virtually unheard of. With tremendous access, we witness the emotional journey of an ordinary man facing extraordinary circumstances. A father whose love for his daughter forces a social reckoning that will reverberate for years to come.

  • writer
    Nisha Pahuja
  • director
    Nisha Pahuja
  • producer
    Cornelia Principe
    Nisha Pahuja
    David Oppenheim
  • executive producer
    Andy Cohen
    Anita Lee
    Andrew Dragoumis
    Atul Gawande
    Nisha Pahuja
    Cornelia Principe
  • editor
    Mike Munn
    Dave Kazala
  • director of photography
    Mrinal Desai
  • original score
    Jonathan Goldsmith
  • location sound recordist
    Anita Kushwaha
  • research
    Nisha Pahuja
  • archival research
    Erin Chisholm
  • creative consultant
    Andy Cohen
  • story editor
    Manfred Becker
  • post-production coordinator
    Pranay Nichani
  • assistant editor
    Pranay Nichani
    Jordan Kawai
    Nisha Pahuja
    Blake MacFarlane
    Mitchell Allen
    Maria Komech
  • translation
    Dave Kazala
    Rajani Ratnaparkhi
  • subtitles
    Rajani Ratnaparkhi
    Dave Kazala
  • media manager
    Jordan Kawai
    Nisha Pahuja
    Blake MacFarlane
    Mitchell Allen
    Maria Komech
  • additional editing
    Rob Ruzic
  • additional camera
    Shanti Bhushan Roy
    Islahuddin Ashraf
    Saumyananda Sahi
    Rakesh Haridas
    Syed Husain Akbar
    Duraid Munajim
    Apal Singh
    Srikanth Kabothu
  • additional sound
    O V Sathiyaseelan
    S Kasthuri
    Mohandas VP
    Tamilarasi Narashiman
    Dhiman Karmakar
  • news reporter
    Bharti Dang
    Gauri Rani
    Amit Arora
  • studio operations manager
    Mark Wilson
  • production supervisor
    Marcus Matyas
  • senior production coordinator
    Jessica Jennings
    Andrew Martin-Smith
  • production coordinator
    Jennifer Bertling
  • technical coordinator
    Kevin Riley
  • technical assistant
    Q'Mal Labad-Workman
  • studio administrator
    Patricia Bourgeois
    Stefanie Brantner
    Leslie Anne Poyntz
  • studio coordinator
    Carly Kastner
  • marketing manager
    Jessica Gedge
    Andrea Elalouf
  • publicist
    Jennifer Mair
  • legal counsel
    Peter Kallianiotis
  • camera & sound equipment rental
    Ashu Solanki
    Accord Equipment
    Aakaar Vision
    Moving Media
    Filming India
    Dantkathaa Media
  • production driver
    Afzal Hussain
    Aditya Kumar
    Shashikant Tiwari
    Sanjay Lamba
  • production assistant
    Rajani Ratnaparkhi
    Mariam Zaidi
    Nishtha Sadwelkar
    Dhawalika Singh
    Omkar Divekar
    Catherine Anne Mills
    Haad Bakshi
    Patrice Roc
  • additional translation & subtitles
    Mariam Zaidi
    Lumma Maisha Hasan
    Meera Sharma
    Megha Saxena
    Omkar Divekar
    Mangesh Naidu
    Armaan Jawli
    Shiva Thorat
    Akanksha Gupta
    Anil Ratnaparkhi
    Subuhi Jiwani
    Nistha Sadwelkar
    Jyotsna Chaudhary
  • transcripts
    Laurel Toews
  • legal
    Danny Webber
  • production accountant
    Jonathan Wong
  • production bookkeeper
    Sam Simpson
  • production insurance
    Front Row Insurance
  • sound design
    Grant Edmonds
    Daniel Pellerin
  • sound mix
    Grant Edmonds
    Daniel Pellerin
  • additional re-recording mixer
    Lou Solakofski
  • assistant mixer
    Ella Melanson
  • facility
    Formosa Group Toronto
  • dialogue editor
    Patience Bradford
    Elma Bello
  • sound effects editor
    Ed Douglas
    Daniel Samaan
  • sound effects consultant
    Ginelle Alvaro
  • foley artist
    Leslie Rothwell
  • DV Script
    Sarah Saunders
  • musician
    Ed Hanley
    Santosh Naidu
    Debashis Sinha
    Ernie Tollar
    George Koller
    Jonathan Goldsmith
  • score recording
    Jeff Wolpert
  • score mixing
    Jeff Wolpert
  • music editor
    Jordan Kawai
  • online editor
    Kyle Campbell
    Andrew Mandziuk
    Richard Doman
  • colourist
    Andrew Mandziuk
  • picture operations
    Bruce Rees
  • manager
    Lena Hamady
    Ashley Pounching


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