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River Silence

River Silence

| 1 h 31 min
River Silence
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The people who live along Brazil’s Xingu River are facing man-made Armageddon. The massive Belo Monte Dam, one of the world’s most contested infrastructure projects, has caused untold ecological and social devastation throughout the entire region, displacing more than 40,000 local residents. Director Rogerio Soares travels into this mythic and brutalized world to encounter some of its most vulnerable and inspiring inhabitants. Blending informed analysis with Baroque aesthetics and Latin American magic realism, he crafts an arresting and poetic river movie, offering a rare and deeply empathetic look into the lives of people caught in the ruinous path of “disaster development.”

  • featuring
    Raimunda Gomes Da Silva
    Tamakwera Parakana
    Karliane Lopes De Souza
    Francinete Pinto Novaes
    Ana Paula Pinto Novaes
  • writer
    Rogério Soares
  • director
    Rogério Soares
  • producer
    Annette Clarke
    Bob Moore
  • executive producer
    Mila Aung-Thwin
    Annette Clarke
    Daniel Cross
    Jane Jankovic
  • production executive
    Linda Fong
  • editor
    Ryan Mullins
  • composer
    Nicole Lizée
  • cinematography
    Glauco Bermudez
    Aldo Oviedo Tejo
  • sound design
    Catherine Van Der Donckt
    Benoît Dame
    Jérémie Jones
  • participant
    Mandui Parakana
    Andui Parakana
    Tutui Parakana
    Tutuia Parakana
    Maraduia Parakana
    Risonei Da Silva
    Fernanda Félix De Abreu
    Maria Vanusa Baca Da Silva
    Leidiane Araujo Lopes
    Adalberto Rodrigues
    Humberto Lopes Da Cunha
    Halberto Henrique Lopes Da Cunha
    Amanda Gabryelle Lopes Da Cunha
    Joao Lucas Gomes De Lima
    Joao Pereira Da Silva
    Vinicius Gomes Da Silva
    Andressa Pinto Novaes
    Dione Madson
    Matricia Cristina
    Odair Oliveira
  • line producer
    Valerie Shamash
  • associate producer
    Katie McKay
  • field producer
    Patricia Lio
  • location sound
    Catherine Van Der Donckt
    Victor Arturo Jaramillo Quevedo
  • assistant editor
    Rafael Favero
  • additional editing
    Lessandro Socrates
  • additional camera
    Cezar Azevedo
    Ricardo Matias
  • additional camera (drone)
    Adrio Denner Santos De Sousa
    Bruno Da Veiga Menezes
  • research
    Edmund Duff
  • research and rights supervisor
    Edmund Duff
  • post-production supervisor
    Victor Sandrasagra
  • post-production coordinator
    Hamed (Ed) Aleali
  • post-production assistant
    Huei Lin
  • additional VFX
    Hamed (Ed) Aleali
  • translation
    Rafael Favero
    Rogério Soares
    Magdalena Hutter
  • transcription
    Rafael Favero
  • musician
    Nicole Lizée
    Ben Reimer
    Jennifer Thiessen
  • music editor
    Benoît Dame
  • distribution - marketing
    Camille Jacques
  • copywriter
    Rebecca West
  • accounting
    Robert Hingley
  • auditor
    Thomas Pietrkowski
  • legal
    Dean Chenoy
  • insurance services
    Front Row Insurance
  • financial services
    Banque Nationale du Canada
  • online editor
    Serge Verreault
  • title design
    Cynthia Ouellet
  • foley recording
    Geoffrey Mitchell
  • foley artist
    Stéphane Cadotte
  • assistant foley artist
    Maya Kuroki
  • re-recording
    Isabelle Lussier
  • digital editing technician
    Isabelle Painchaud
    Pierre Dupont
    Patrick Trahan
  • sound technician
    Bernard Belley
  • production supervisor
    Roz Power
  • technical coordinator
    Jean-François Laprise
    Daniel Lord
    Christopher MacIntosh
  • production coordinator
    Christine Williams
    Larissa Christoforo
  • marketing manager
    Johanna Lessard
  • publicist
    Patricia Dillon-Moore
  • studio administrator
    Camila Blos
    Leslie Anne Poyntz
  • legal counsel
    Dominique Aubry
    Peter Kallianiotis
  • vp current affairs and documentaries
    John Ferri
  • executive director
    Michelle van Beusekom


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