River (Planet Earth)

River (Planet Earth)

| 27 min

River (Planet Earth) is a student's audio-visual presentation of a river system and the importance of water to humans, to his professor who hates to be bored. Both serious and humorous, the film shows how water sustains life, feeds industry, provides power and irrigates the land. It shows how water is inverted, dammed, used and expelled. It talks of pollution. The film demonstrates how water affects the economy, sociology and ecology of a country.

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River (Planet Earth), Peter Raymont, provided by the National Film Board of Canada

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  • director
    Peter Raymont
  • producer
    Tom Daly
  • executive producer
    Colin Low
  • script
    Michael Rubbo
  • photography
    Robert Humble
  • sound
    Bev Davidson
    Claude Lefebvre
  • editing
    Michael Rubbo
    Ian Rankin
    Peter Raymont
  • sound editing
    Abbey Jack Neidik
  • music
    Ben Low

  • Carmel

    Great and lovely film! I would love to know who the singer is of the folk sounding song played a couple of times; one of the songs the lyrics are "Wolf creek, prairie creek, clear water and vermilion... smokey river, ghost river...", sound so beautiful!

    Carmel , 2 May 2021