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La montagne de SGaana

La montagne de SGaana

| 10 min

La montagne de SGaana est un conte fantastique à propos d’un jeune homme emporté dans le monde des esprits et de la jeune femme qui vient à son secours. Dans ce petit bijou de film onirique, le cinéaste haïda Christopher Auchter entremêle avec brio animation traditionnelle et éléments emblématiques de l’art haïda auxquels donnent vie une riche palette évocatrice et des effets stylisés.

  • direction
    Christopher Auchter
  • script
    Christopher Auchter
    Annie Reid
  • producer
    Shirley Vercruysse
  • delegate producer
    Teri Snelgrove
  • music - composition
    Daniel Janke
  • sound design
    Chris McLaren
  • sound mixer
    Chris McLaren
  • animation
    Christopher Auchter
    Tara Barker
    Marco Li
    Sitji Chou
  • special effects
    Russell Heyman
  • digital compositing
    Michael Mann
  • visual effects
    Michael Mann
  • after effects animation
    Michael Mann
  • assistant SPFX
    Daniel Larg
  • rigger
    Tara Barker
    Shawna Mauchline
    Amanda Mauchline
  • None
    Christopher Auchter
    Sitji Chou
    Lou Papa
    The Sound Kitchen
  • additional character design
    Christopher Auchter
  • renderer
    Melanie le Tuquyen
  • 3D renderer
  • printing
  • 3D sculptor
    JC Cappelletti
  • singer
    Nikita Toya Auchter
  • voice
    Kevin Loring
    Devery Jacobs
  • musician
    Lonnie Powell
    Olivier de Colombel
    Hugh Marsh
  • NFB Animation Studio
    Maral Mohammadian
    Jelena Popovic
    Éloi Champagne
    Victoire-Émilie Bessette
    Rosalina Di Sario
  • production supervisor
    Jennifer Roworth
  • studio administrator
    Carla Jones
  • technical coordinator
    Wes Machnikowski
  • production coordinator
    Kathleen Jayme
    Justin Mah
    Kristyn Stilling
  • executive producer
    Shirley Vercruysse
    Michael Fukushima


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Ages 7 to 18

Mini-Lesson - The Mountain of SGaana

Arts Education - Visual Arts
Indigenous Studies - Arts
Indigenous Studies - History/Politics
Media Education - Film Animation

An animation inspired by a traditional Haida story would be ideal for introducing students to Haida art and storytelling. What elements of style are prominent in Haida art? How is animation an ideal film medium for telling this story? How does music evoke emotion and connect to the heart of the story? Research Haida repatriation and why First Nations cultural items were confiscated, stolen or destroyed. Why is it important that the Haida and other Indigenous Nations repatriate? Research how art, storytelling and music are all embedded into the cultural foundation of the Haida.

La montagne de SGaana
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