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Nunavut Animation Lab Qalupalik (Inuktitut Version)

Nunavut Animation Lab Qalupalik (Inuktitut Version)

| 5 min

This animated short tells the story of Qalupalik, a part-human sea monster that lives deep in the Arctic Ocean and preys on children who do not listen to their parents or elders. That is the fate of Angutii, a young boy who refuses to help out in his family's camp, opting instead to play by the shoreline. But one day, Qalupalik seizes him and drags him away. Angutii's father, a great hunter, must then embark on a lengthy kayak journey to try and bring his son home.


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Ages 8 to 11

Arts Education - Visual Arts
Family Studies/Home Economics - Relationships
Indigenous Studies - Identity/Society

Inuit folktales often have both literal and allegorical meanings. What does Qalupalik represent in Inuit culture? Have students compare the tale of Qalupalik to other stories parents tell to scare their children. What is the moral of the story and why would it be important to the Inuit community? Why might filmmaker Ame Papatsie employ leather as a key material in making the film? What is the symbolism of the inuksuk seen throughout the story?

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