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Inuuvunga - I Am Inuk, I Am Alive

In this feature-length documentary, 8 Inuit teens with cameras offer a vibrant and contemporary view of life in Canada's North. They also use their newly acquired film skills to confront a broad range of issues, from the widening communication gap between youth and their elders to the loss of their peers to suicide. In Inuktitut with English subtitles.

  • director
    Bobby Echalook
    Sarah Idlout
    Laura Iqaluk
    Linus Kasudluak
    Dora Ohaituk
    Rita-Lucy Ohaituk
    Willia Ningeok
    Caroline Ningiuk
    Mila Aung-Thwin
    Daniel Cross
    Brett Gaylor
  • participant
    Lucassie Echalook
    Janet Idlout
    Elisapee Inukpuk
    Johnny Inukpuk
    Mary Patsauq Iqaluk
    Nellie Nastapoka
    Anna Ohaituk
    Leo-Paul Ohaituk
  • production assistant
    Caroline Oweetaluktuk
  • assistant editor
    Tunu Napartuk
    Anna Oweetaluktuk
    Caroline Oweetaluktuk
  • logging
    Tom Fennario
    Tunu Napartuk
    Joanna Okpik
  • translation
    Tunu Napartuk
    Anna Oweetaluktuk
    Caroline Oweetaluktuk
  • sound editor
    Marco Fania
  • foley artist
    Chris Piggins
  • foley recordist
    Franck Wastiaux
  • sound library technician
    Vital Millette
  • sound re-recording
    Geoffrey Mitchell
  • re-recording technician
    Hilary Thomson
    Sylvain Cajelais
  • online editing
    Sylvain Desbiens
    Denis Gathelier
  • digital editing technician
    Ochelle Greenidge
    Martine Forget
    Phyllis Lewis
    Chaz Oliver
    Danielle Raymond
  • title design
    Gaspard Gaudreau
  • post-production co-ordinator
    Claude Cardinal
  • studio clerk
    Sia Koukoulas
  • studio administrator
    Nickie Merulla
    Marie Tonto-Donati
  • music clearances
    Sylvia Mezei
  • marketing manager
    Moira Keigher
  • graphic design
    Conor Virtue
  • producer
    Pierre Lapointe
  • executive producer
    Sally Bochner


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Ages 15 to 17

Indigenous Studies - Identity/Society
Indigenous Studies - Issues and Contemporary Challenges

An excellent film for acquainting students with the various problems faced by Inuit communities: suicide, addiction, and issues related to the co-existence of traditions and modernity. The teacher can get a discussion started by asking the following question: do you think the co-existence of traditional and modern ways of thinking is at the core of the problems experienced by the inhabitants of this community? What is at stake for the community?

Inuuvunga - I Am Inuk, I Am Alive
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