Willia Ningeok

In 2004, Willia Ningeok was completing his final year at Innalik School in Inukjuak, working part-time at a grocery store, when he was invited to take part in Inuuvunga: I Am Inuk, I Am Alive, a participatory media initiative undertaken by the NFB in 2004. Mentored by professionals from Montreal’s EyeSteelFilm, he and seven other teenagers crafted a vibrant video journal of their last year of high school, detailing everyday activities and addressing a broad range of issues confronting their community, including youth suicide and cultural dislocation. Also on the team: Bobby Echalook, Sarah Idlout, Laura Iqaluk, Linus Kasudluak, Caroline Ningiuk, Dora Ohaituk and Rita-Lucy Ohaituk