Ludovic - Cuckoo!

Ludovic - Cuckoo!

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Louie is repairing the cuckoo clock in his workshop, assisted by Ludovic & Walla. Ludovic imagines that the cuckoo is not singing/functioning because it's sick. Or hungry. Or Tired. Or maybe it has simply lost its voice. With his cousin Violet, Ludovic tries to make it sing again, but the cuckoo flies away and now they have to catch it before Louie finds out they have been playing with it!

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  • executive producer
    Jan Bonath
    Peter Mansfelt
    René Chénier
  • story editor
    Anne-Marie Perrotta
    Tean Schultz
  • research consultant
    Monique Caron-Bouchard
  • character design
    Henk Beumers
  • design
    Stanimir Stoilov
    Paola Ridolfi
  • original music
    Ray Fabi
  • character voice
    Sonja Ball
    Julie Burroughs
    Mark Camacho
    Laura Teasdale
  • sound design
    Serge Hamel
  • sound mix
    Serge Hamel
  • animation supervisor
    Chantal Masson
  • head animator
    Dobrin Yanev
  • animator
    Aleksej Bugorin
    Danail Kraev
    Kosta Tsekov
    Margarita Cholakova
    Boris Valkov
    Ivailo Iliev
    Todor Iliev
  • writer
    Anne-Marie Perrotta
    Tean Schultz
  • principal director
    Co Hoedeman
  • director
    Stéfan Leblanc
  • producer
    Louise Richard
    Jan Bonath
    Paul Mathot
    Julie Roy
  • executive producer
    Vivianne Morin
  • director of photography - supervisor
    Angela Poschet
  • camera
    Björn Ullrich
  • editor
    Heribert Beigel
  • creative director
    Jan-Willem Bult
  • editor
    Winnie Rijnders
  • production team
    Jocelyne Bouthillette
    Suzanne Charette
    Laurent Girard
    Louis Laverdière
    Luc Martineau
    Robert Messier
    Geneviève Patry
    Aline Richard
    Jocelyne Richard
    Lorraine Richard
    Helmut Fischer
    Niklas Gergelyi
    Barbara Buzon
    Melanie Dellschau
    Ellen Brouwer
    Thomas Hietbrink