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In Pieces

In Pieces

| 1 h 21 min
In Pieces
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Paule Baillargeon is 37 years old, 11 years old, 65 years old. . . In this film composed of fragments, she tells her story: the story of a woman, a filmmaker, a mother, a feminist, an artist. Of an actress, too, who delivers a powerful narrative that is both soothing and unsettling. These potent images, her images—filmed, painted, photographed, drawn, animated—merge into the portrait of a life that has been wild, rebellious and gentle. The tableaux are not so much autobiography as an authentic tale, as unpredictable and unique as any life.

  • animation producer
    Julie Roy
  • animation artistic director
    Philippe Vaucher
  • animator
    Michel Pelland
    Rodolphe Saint-Gelais
  • research
    Paule Baillargeon
  • script
    Paule Baillargeon
  • direction
    Paule Baillargeon
  • narration
    Paule Baillargeon
  • collage
    Paule Baillargeon
  • drawings
    Paule Baillargeon
  • camera
    François Delisle
  • additional camera
    Jacques Leduc
  • first assistant director trainee
    Catherine Lachance
  • camera assistant
    Sandra Lombardi
    Sean Sweeney
  • location sound
    Marcel Chouinard
  • gaffer
    Tommy Diotte
  • props
    Caroline Alder
  • still photographer
    Christian Leduc
    Caroline Hayeur
  • production assistant
    Cédric Corbeil
  • editing
    Michel Giroux
  • editing assistant
    Marie-Loue Bellefleur
  • sound editing
    Luc Mandeville
  • dialogue editing
    Francine Poirier
  • voice director
    Kathleen Fee
  • head, coordination and project support
    Pierre Ferlatte
  • digital imaging specialist
    Pierre Plouffe
  • technical support - editing
    Danielle Raymond
    Pierre Dupont
    Isabelle Painchaud
    Patrick Trahan
  • online editing
    Yannick Carrier
  • translation
    Paula McKeown
  • subtitles
    Paula McKeown
  • narration translation
    Sheila Fischman
  • titles
    Gaspard Gaudreau
  • archival image processing
    Denis Bergeron
  • infographics
    Mélanie Bouchard
    Philippe Raymond
  • foley
    Alexis Pharand
  • narration recording
    Geoffrey Mitchell
    Luc Léger
  • re-recording
    Serge Boivin
  • original music
    Blanche Baillargeon
  • musician
    Blanche Baillargeon
    Alexis Dumais
    Benoît Paradis
    Jean-Christophe Lizotte
    Jean-Frédéric Lizotte
    Luzio Altobelli
    Martine Gaumond
    Nicolas Letarte
    Rachel Therrien
    Pascal Racine-Venne
    Rick Haworth
  • music consultant
    Robert Marcel Lepage
  • musical recording
    Geoffrey Mitchell
  • music mixing
    Geoffrey Mitchell
  • rights researcher
    Nancy Marcotte
  • rights clearances
    Nancy Marcotte
  • special collaboration
    Hélène Girard
  • marketing manager
    Julie Arseneault
  • marketing manager - assistance
    Karine Sévigny
  • administrator
    Johanne Dubuc
  • production coordinator
    Hélène Regimbal
    Dominique Brunet
  • administrative assistant
    Lise Lévesque
  • technical coordinator
    Jean-François Laprise
    Luc Binette
  • associate producer
    Maryse Chapdelaine
  • senior producer
    Colette Loumède



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