I Can Make Art ... Like Andrew Qappik

This short documentary is a portrait of Andrew Qappik, a world-renowned Inuit printmaker from Pangnirtung, Nunavut. Originally inspired by images in the comic books he read as a child, Andrew now finds his subjects in the stories, traditions and day-to-day events of his world.

In I Can Make Art Like Andrew Qappik, he captivates his student audience by creating a soapstone relief print before their very eyes. Then it's the kids' turn. They explore Andrew's symbolic imagery - and their own - as they each create a self-portrait relief point.

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Jane Churchill
Jane Churchill
Tamara Lynch
director of photography
Michael Wees
sound recordist
Nick Huard
Joey Calugay
series researcher
Jane Churchill
series art consultant
Nancy Retallack-Lambert
art consultant
Christine Lalonde
music composer
Eric Lemoyne
sound editor
Tony Reed
foley artist
Karla Baumgardner
Shelley Craig
BenoƮt Chagnon
executive producer
Sally Bochner