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Like Emily Carr

Like Emily Carr

| 10 min

This short film is part of a series entitled I Can Make Art and focuses on the work of Emily Carr. In this film, kids examine Carr's unusual world and the inspiration for her haunting landscapes. Drawing on this inspiration, they then attempt to create a giant forest mural on a window in their school. The series is comprised of six short films that take a kid's-eye view of a diverse group of Canadian visual artists.

  • writer
    Jane Churchill
  • director
    Jane Churchill
  • producer
    Tamara Lynch
  • director of photography
    Nathalie Lasselin
  • sound recordist
    Nick Huard
  • editor
    Joey Calugay
  • production manager
    Elaine Shatenstein
  • series researcher
    Jane Churchill
  • series art consultant
    Nancy Retallack-Lambert
  • artist
    Nathalie Daigle
  • workshop leader
    Nathalie Daigle
  • music composer
    Eric Lemoyne
  • stills photography
    Roger Lemoyne
    Jane Churchill
  • visual research
    Sylvia Mezei
  • copyright clearance
    Sylvia Mezei
  • additional art consultant
    Jenni Blackmore
    Vivian Grey
    Sharon Fernandez
    Anne Newlands
    Willie Reid
    Dale Sheppard
    Wendy Wilson
  • sound editor
    Tony Reed
  • foley artist
    Karla Baumgardner
  • assistant foley artist
    Elana Medicoff
  • foley recording
    Geoffrey Mitchell
  • re-recording
    Shelley Craig
  • online editor
    Sylvain Desbiens
    Denis Gathelier
  • digital editing technician
    Chaz Oliver
    Ochelle Greenidge
    Martine Forget
    Phyllis Lewis
    Danielle Raymond
  • animation design
    Jane Churchill
  • animation
    Benoît Chagnon
  • titles
    Benoît Chagnon
  • digital imaging
    Louise Overy
    Pierre Landry
  • marketing manager
    Moira Keigher
  • post-production coordinator
    Claude Cardinal
    Linda Payette
  • production assistant
    Ryan De Souza
  • studio clerk
    Christine Williams
  • studio administrator
    Marie Tonto-Donati
    Nickie Merulla
  • executive producer
    Sally Bochner


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Ages 9 to 12

Study Guide - Guide 1

Arts Education - Art

Emily Carr took inspiration from the indigenous peoples of the Pacific Northwest Coast.


  • What makes Emily Carr’s art style unique?
    • This can be used to gauge attention to the material as well as identify interest in forms of artistic expression that can be explored further with individual students.
  • Painting From Memory          
    • Based on memory alone, have the students recreate a familiar landscape or natural object, e.g., trees. Allow students to personalize their interpretations in order to convey their individual understandings of the natural world.
  • Outdoor painting
    • Emily Carr is known for her unique landscape paintings. Have your students bring painting materials outside in order to get inspiration from the world around them.

Like Emily Carr
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