Growing Up Canadian: Health

Growing Up Canadian: Health

| 45 min

Early campaigns to fight poverty and disease and help children grow up healthy led to the introduction of the school nurse, nose blowing drills and lice inspections. From open-air schools to confusing sex education classes, Health was a part of the curriculum throughout the last century.

This episode traces the rise of dental care, from early century programs in schools to dentists traveling to remote areas by boat or train. Canadians recall terrifying epidemics and lengthy periods of quarantine. Home remedies were frightening enough to keep children from complaining about being ill. Over the course of the century we see the impact of public health care on children's lives.

Health is one of a 6-part series entitled Growing Up Canadian. These documentaries explore the myths and realities of Canadian childhood through family life, schooling, work, play, health and the media. The series marks the contribution of childhood and youth experience in defining Canada as it grew into full nationhood in the 20th century.

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