Eye Witness No. 35

Eye Witness No. 35

| 11 min
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The Lonely Age - Sixty: The Second Mile Club in Toronto offers an answer to the loneliness and boredom of old age by providing companionship and diverse interests to hundreds of the city's elder citizens. Operation Niagara: Engineering experts embark on a power project to out-do the mighty Niagara cataract by constructing falls that will give Canada the biggest hydroelectric power plant in the world. Weekend in Herring Neck: A remote Newfoundland fishing outport is brought to the screen to show the village and home life of its residents.

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  • producer
    Gordon Burwash
  • script
    Gordon Burwash
  • executive producer
    Sydney Newman
  • camera
    Hector Lemieux
    Roger Blais
    Donald Wilder
  • sound
    Clarke Daprato
  • editing
    Nicholas Balla
    Marion Meadows
  • narrator
    Lorne Greene

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