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Exile - A Myth Unearthed

Exile - A Myth Unearthed

| 1 h 37 min
Exile - A Myth Unearthed
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This feature documentary looks at new evidence that suggests the majority of the Jewish people may not have been exiled following the fall of Jerusalem in 70 AD. Travelling from Galilee to Jerusalem and the catacombs of Rome, the film asks us to rethink our ideas about an event that has played a critical role in the Christian and Jewish traditions.

  • director
    Ilan Ziv
  • writer
    Serge Gordey
    Alfonso Peccia
  • developer
    Serge Gordey
    Michael Betcherman
  • story editor
    Thomas Wallner
  • director of photography
    Philippe Bellaïche
  • editor
    Alfonso Peccia
  • original music
    Robert Marcel Lepage
  • sound designer
    Michel Lambert
  • additional camera
    Danor Glazer
  • camera assistant
    Miki Israel
    Adi Moses
  • lighting
    Yana Mitnick
  • sound
    Naftali Chen
    Idan Shemesh
    Luca Chiari
  • art director
    Hili Tsarfati
  • animation producer
    Hili Tsarfati
  • narrator
    Dorothée Berryman
  • initial concept animation artist
    Meinert Hanson
  • animation artist
    Yoav Gal
  • associate producer
    Maryse Chapdelaine
    Jelena Popovic
    Mélanie Lasnier
  • line producer
    Janine Heath
    Laurence Favreau
    Sigal Rosh
    Stefano Strocchi
    Giusy Buccheri
  • post-production supervisor
    Chantal Pagé
  • casting
    Chantal Pagé
  • research
    Sigal Rosh
    Stefano Strocchi
    Giusy Buccheri
  • archival research
    Marie Maggiolo
  • scouting
    Mozer Films
  • camera services
    Utopia Ltd.
  • lighting services
    Utopia Ltd.
  • production services
    Nahel Al Nashash
    Violet Bawab
  • technical coordinator
    Jean-François Laprise
  • technical support - editing
    Pierre Dupont
  • credits
    Gaspard Gaudreau
    Mélanie Bouchard
  • online editor
    Denis Pilon
  • voice recording studio
    Les Vilains Garçons
  • re-recording mixer
    Jean Paul Vialard
  • production assistant
    Christine Richard
  • post-production assistant
    Elisabeth Kiraly
  • trailer editor
    Ilan Saragosi
  • location translator
    Nidal Rafa
  • marketing manager
    Jenny Thibault
  • marketing manager - assistance
    Karine Sévigny
  • administrator
    Johanne Dubuc
    Susan MacGrath
  • production coordinator
    Hélène Regimbal
  • administrative assistant
    Lise Lévesque
  • production accountant
    Raluca Alexe
  • accounting services
    Kay Warburton
  • legal services
    Danny Webber
    Remy Khouzam
  • producer
    Amit Breuer
    Serge Gordey
    Christine Camdessus
    Colette Loumède
    Ilan Ziv



Ages 16 to 17

Ethics and Religious Culture - Religious Diversity/Heritage
Geography - Human Geography
Technology Education - Society and Technology

Engage the class in discussion of the differences between myth and history, and the role of science (for example, the use of DNA, carbon dating or archaeological discoveries) in supporting or refuting commonly held beliefs. Assign students to research the scientific inquiry underway on a specific case study. Attention should be placed on the possible consequences (cultural, historical, territorial or political) of contemporary scientific discoveries.

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