This documentary portrays the front-line street workers who serve the needy under the umbrella of the Salvation Army. One of the world's largest social agencies, the Army is a religious institution that serves the practical needs of people first, believing that religion is of no use to anyone who is hungry, homeless and hopeless.
Join filmmaker Rosemary House as she peers into the hearts and minds of people on both sides of the street – those who help and those who need help. Shot in Toronto at Christmastime, the film chronicles the small hopes and tiny victories of life lived below the poverty line and the daily rewards for those who work to serve others.

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When I first saw this little gem, I was struck by the fact that, like most people, I know who the Salvation Army are but I know very little about what they do and how they work. In Salvation, we meet some incredible people who truly make a difference out there: front line workers in this evangelical army who put the needs of others before their own. I was especially impressed with the couple who live and raise their children in the community they serve. Their ideas about religion and God are striking: Forget about prayers and fasting but clothe the naked, feed the hungry and take in the stranger, only after that is worship acceptable. Like a ray of sunshine, this film shows there is hope for the world that comes through service to others.

— Albert Ohayon

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Rosemary House
Rosemary House
Rosemary House
Kent Martin
Nigel Markham
Angela Baker
John Martin
original music composer
Paul Steffler
sound editor
Alex Salter
Rosemary House
Jean Paul Vialard
Shelley Craig
executive producer
Sally Bochner


  • vinz

    “a great chance to think about what we are really and about the meaning of the other as a part of ourselves. nice documentary with a sober direction.” — vinz, 21 May 2010

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