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China 2000 BC - The Rise and Fall of Dynasties in Ancient China

China 2000 BC - The Rise and Fall of Dynasties in Ancient China

China 2000 BC - The Rise and Fall of Dynasties in Ancient China
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Between 2000 B.C. and 221 B.C., many civilizations developed in the area now known as China—and each had its own distinct language, culture and gods. This series unveils remarkable new archaeological discoveries that provide clues about how exactly these civilizations merged into one Chinese culture over the course of several centuries.

  • narrator
    Diana Tso
  • editor
    Lawrence Jackman
  • narration recording
    Kitchen Sync Digital Audio
  • mix
    Geoffrey Mitchell
  • sound editing
    Daniel Toussaint
  • graphics
    Mélanie Bouchard
    Gaspard Gaudreau
  • titles
    Mélanie Bouchard
    Gaspard Gaudreau
  • online editor
    Denis Pilon
  • post-production supervisor
    Mireille Potvin
    Louise McLean
  • post-production coordinator
    Mira Mailhot
    Pierre Ferlatte
  • writer
    Gary Lang
    Takayoshi Aizawa
    Nobuhide Abe
    Yoshihiro Watanabe
  • producer
    Wally Longul
  • director
    Wally Longul
    Takayoshi Aizawa
    Nobuhide Abe
    Yoshihiro Watanabe
  • advisor
    Hidenori Okamura
    Tetsuji Atsuji
    Takao Hirase
    Kazuyuki Tsuruma
  • theme music
    Suguru Matsutani
    Aoi Teshima
  • animation
    Hin Gan
    Daisuke Takasaki
  • illustrations
    Hin Gan
    Daisuke Takasaki
  • camera
    Ichiro Horiuchi
    Daisuke Hasegawa
  • sound
    Shinichiro Ogata
  • video engineering
    Hirotsugu Ogi
  • computer graphics
    Makoto Ikeda
    Terabe Akira
  • VFX
    Nozomu Sato
  • sound effects
    Jyunko Fukui
  • editing
    Tomoki Kitamori
    Nobuo Suzuki
    Masaharu Yoshioka
  • co-ordination
    Quan Wan Shi
    Hideki Murayama
    Miwa Yamamoto
  • executive producer
    Fumito Kondou
    Ryota Urabayashi



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